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  • You need to tell your parents or someone you trust so that you can get the prenatal care that you need. When you got pregnant you had one person to worry about (yourself.) Now you have two (and that does not include the father). That's a lot of responsibility for someone who is only 13. This is going to change your life forever so you need someone you trust to help you make the many important decisions that you will be facing. No matter what the age of the father of your baby both families should meet and he should help pay for the baby's expenses.
  • Make sure your prenatal care is up to date. This means seeing your doctor regularly.
  • The minor female may if she chooses may contact Planned Parenthood, 1-800-230-7526,, or Birthright, 1-800-550-4900, for assistance in scheduling an appointment at a local clinic where she can receive medical care and other aid. It is not relevant if she calls police or not, they will be informed either by school officials, family members, or an "interested party", this is not an issue that can be kept from authorities. It is likewise, not relevant if the minor female chooses to file charges or not she has no choice in the matter. The adult male can be subject to several criminal charges including but not limited to statutory rape which is usually deemed a Class "A" felony. The fact that the sex was consensual will not make any difference in the application of the law. All states have laws pertaining to relationships between minors and adults. In addition all states have the power to arrest, charge and prosecute the adult without the co-operation of the minor or the minor's parent(s) or legal guardian.
  • I do agree with some of the other posters that you have your hands full and you should go straight to your mother and let her know you are pregnant. Leave the legal issues up to your parents or the authorities. You are very young and as much as you may think you love this man he took full advantage of you because he knows a lot more than you do. For now, go see your mother, discuss having the baby and if you are either going to keep the baby with your parents help or give the baby up to a good adoptive family. 1. tell your parents - they will be more understanding than you think 2. Prepare to visit your baby's daddy through glass 3. seek counseling - even if you are reluctant to believe it, you have been raped. This is something you can choose to deal with now, or wait until it has a chance to burn in and cause more damage later.
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Q: What should a 13-year-old do if she has become pregnant by a 23-year-old?
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