What should a girl do if she is dating somebody but still loves her ex and wants to be with him?



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Most of us don't like to hurt people we respect or thought we loved so it's great you asked the question because it means you are considering your present boyfriend's feelings. Honesty is the best policy and you're going to have to tell him (he has a right to know) and believe it or not although he'll be hurt and possibly angry he will get over it. BEWARE that your ex may not be what you really want. Sit down and put both these guys names on a piece of paper. Then put the things you like about each of them under their names. Then put down what you don't like about each of them under their names. Put the paper away for a few days and then take a look at it. Use your head and if your ex wasn't too nice a guy or cheated on you it's best to stay clear of him. You can read on this board how many young women (and young men too) have made a terrible mistake by letting their present boyfriend/girlfriend go just to run back to their ex or they have met someone else. Sometimes the hurt you inflict on others is enough where you are considered poison ivy and there are no second chances. Take time to figure this one out. Good luck