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smooth and velvety. sinks in quickly, doesnt leave your skin feeling oily

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What does a girls skin feel like?

Incredibly soft, assuming the girl uses a good moisturizer.

Is conditioner good for moisturizer?

yes it is its like hand cream and you can use moisturizer as condishinor

What should you do if you like this girl and you are not sure whether she likes you?

You should tell her how you feel. Good Luck!

Which prom dress is better?

you should wear something you feel good about yourself in....if you like how you look and it makes you feel good and confident wear it....

Should you stay at home if you have depression?

Not that good an idea, but you may feel like it.

Does anyone use Olay's moisturizer?

I use itIt's really good the one I useMakes my skin feel like a baby's - nice and smooth :DI also like how they have different types depending on whetehr your skin is dry, oily or normal

What will i do if somebody admires me and i don't like him?

You should nicely tell him how you feel. Good Luck!

Does girl on girl feel good?

Well it subjective, If you like girls and like at slow sensitive foreplay then girl on girl should be good for you.

Is tinted moisturizer better for your skin than foundation?

it acts like a liquid foundation plus the moisturizer.

Should you ask a girl out that does not like you?

Yes, you have nothing to loose if she likes you secretly then you will feel like an idiot not asking her out but if she has a boyfriend then no, but even if she says no then you will have made her feel good and then she might like you

What is primer for the face is it like moisturizer?

Yes, A primer acts like a moisturizer but helps makeup stay on longer and smooths skin to the best state it can be.

How should you feel about yourself?

Hopefully good, but I don't think that we should feel good about ourselves all the time. When we do bad things, we feel bad for a reason... so that we can change, and fix the problems that we have caused. In general, we should clean up our lives so we can feel good about ourselves, and not worry about temporary things that don't matter, like a bad hair day or whatever.

Should you get the twilight series?

i think you should but if you dont feel like spending 59.68 then dont get them but i recomend buyingit their very good

What does sex feel like does it hurt or feel good?

Sex can feel like many of things. Sex can feel good to some and can hurt too if it is your first time.

Should stop my friendship because i feel like its becoming a competition?

Yes. You should not have to feel like that if that is your friend. You should feel comforted by their presence and always want to be around them. You should never feel cautious or competitive.

What is a good hairbrush?

A good hairbrush is one that does not pull your hair out and one that feels good on your head! When you brush it should feel like a massage not like a big gorilla ripping out your hair!

I like two boys what should i do?

Choose the one that has kissed you.chose the one that makes you feel good

Should you go shopping today?

if you feel like going shopping or if it is for good stuff stuff then go for it

What does double peneration feel like?

It can hurt, it can feel good. Depends on what you like

Can a wedgie feel good?

If you like pain then yes it could feel good. Masochist.

What you feel if you achieve something?

You feel like you finished your jod and feel good about it.

What king of moisturizer is good for dry skin?

Raw shea butter is in my opinion the best moisturizer there is, ever. it is really good for dry skin and it is becoming more widely available. You can purchase it from a number of online store like or Use with African soap with it. you'll thank me later. :)

How do you know if you are in love with your best friend?

If you do a lot of things with him or her then you should probably feel good inside when you're by them. You will feel like you could never be apart from them etc.

You like this boy but you do not know what to say him?

Just be yourself and act normal and you should tell him how you feel!Good Luck!

There is this boy you like what should you do to get him to noyice you?

Flirt Talk to him Laugh at his Jokes Take your time make him feel good