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She should probably start by getting a job.AnswerYou have already answered the question for yourself, but you seem to be looking for away to justify your decision to have sex, or at least get away with it.

It is good advice to at least listen to your parent's counsel on the matter, They should have your best interests at heart, and probably have a good deal of life experience that may cause them to feel uncomfortable about your decision.

You're a smart girl, don't let raging hormones dictate your actions, which you may regret later. Take your time, think and THEN make your choice.

AnswerConsider the fact that your parents may actually have some wisdom in their advice. Try to imagine what advice you'll give your daughter 20 years from now. Before you do that, try to imagine that you're a little more mature, have some real life experience, recognize the value of making a life for your daughter. Imagine what you'd try to say to her to get her listen and delay gratification until you can have a more traditional relationship.

Remember that parents aren't as stupid as you believe. Adolescents belive in their own superiority, but their belief comes from the relatively new and increasing levels of hormones. The simple reality is, physically there is little difference between humans and the animals. We and the animals experience much the same hormones. Animals just do what the hormones demand. Humans on the other hand have the ability to think, to prepare for their future, to invest in themselves.

You'll probably do whatever you want. You'll believe that you are superior to advice that anyone gives you, just likie you believe that the advice your parents give you is from a bunch of old people who don't have a clue. You'll use your own terminology to comply with whatever it is that you say to convince yourself that you are smarter than the older generation. You're wrong.

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When should I introduce my boyfriend to my parents?

Within 3 months or whenever you both feel you should.

Should you lose your virginity with your boyfriend?

It depends on if you are both ready and willing.

When should you get your first boyfriend?

you should get your first boyfriend when you and your parents are ready

I am 15 What should you do if your boyfriend says the relationship is dull?

Keep ur virginity! That's for sure.

Should you introduce your parents to your boyfriend read discussion?

you should only introduce your boyfriend to your parents if its a serios relationship if not then dont even bother. If you want instead you colud just tell them you have a boyfriend

Should you have a boyfriend at 11?

You probably should talk to your parents about the situation, I think 11 is a little young to have a boyfriend.

What should you do when your boyfriend gets mad bc your parents do not let you spend the night with him?

If he cares about you he will understand. Do you want a uncaring boyfriend? Your parents do care about you.

Is blood supposed to come after you lose your virginity?

Sometimes:P you should ask your parents, they might be able to help you with that question

Should you move whit your parents or boyfriend?

to las Vegas

What should you do if you have a boyfriend and he is not willing to discontinue the relationship?

Involve your parents.

What if your parents hate your boyfriend?

If your parents really hate him then you should all sit down and talk about it.

How would you handle the situation if your boyfriend gets you in trouble with your parents?

You should dump him or tell on his parents.

Your boyfriend What is to do you i dont know how what should you do?

if you are not ready to have intercourse, do not. if he can not respect you for that he can't really love you, and if he doesn't really love you there no point to waste your virginity on him.

Should you tell your parents you have a boyfriend even though you have had boyfriends in the past?

yus you should :']

Should you kiss your boyfriend if you've been dating him for 16 months?

yes I say that you should.

Your parents dont know about your relationship of two months with your boyfriend they think you are just friends what should you do?

If you want to tell them, sit them down, and talk to them. Do it in a calm and non-awkward way, and be mature about it.

You just found out your 16 year old is pregnant from her ex-boyfriend who is 19 should you inform his parents?

Well, you should accompany your daughter and the boyfriend to his parents and let them tell them, and inform his parents that you do not plan on being the only grandparent involved.....

How long should you wait before moving in with your boyfriend?

Round about 6 Months

How do you know when your boyfriend is ready to lose his virginity with you?

When your boyfriend is ready he sould let you know. You both should be ready to do it together. You should both be in the same place in your relationship. Remember sex is a big deal and you cant go back once you have done it.

After losing your virginity will your period be irregular?

Losing your virginity should not affect your period.

How old should you be when you get a boyfriend without having your parents freak?

18 yrs.

What should you do if your boyfriend has condoms under his bed and his parents don't know?

use them?

How old should you be allowed to have a boyfriend?

That is a topic that you and your parents need to talk about and agree on.

If my parents dont like your boyfriend should dump him?

Just because your parents don't like your boyfriend doesn't mean you have to break up with him, It's up to you. If you like him stay with him.

What should you do when your parents don't let you go out with a guy?

Talk to them about it. Ask them why they don't like your boyfriend. Have your boyfriend and parents to talk with together. Don't get pregnant or have sex or anything stupid.