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What should a person do if they are still experiencing blood loss from a wisdom tooth that was extracted 15 hours ago?

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Maybe you should take him back. Is he putting pressure on it with gauze? If not that's what he needs to do. Is he smoking? If he is it could be a dry socket. I think the best bet would be to call the dentist that pulled it and see what they say. Take a teabag, soak it in some warm water for a few minutes, express the excess moisture, and place it on the extraction site. Gently bite on it for an hour or so. Avoid smoking, sucking anything through a straw, and aspirin type medications. If it is still bleeding after 24 hours, contact the dentist who extracted the tooth. ANSWER Depends on how much blood is being lost. You can have some "Spoting" from your gum for a couple of days. I feel like the dentist went to war in my mouth when he removed my wisdom tooth yesterday. My jaw is swollen and I feel like I have air trapped in my chin and that my jaw is broken, not to mention that I have a serious teeth grinding issue so my jaw wants to clench but it hurts too much to do that. So a little blood is ok for a few days. Just gargle with salt water try to eat soft foods and try avoiding hot liquids.

2008-08-23 03:42:00
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How long should you stay out of school after you get your wisdom teeth extracted?

a day

Why do you have to have your wisdom teeth extracted when they come in?

Wisdom teeth should be extracted when they push and damage the 7th tooth while they grow, also when they develop a cyst or cause an infection, and wisdom teeth are removed if they're causing problems with prosthesis. Here's an interesting video about wisdom tooth extraction.

Can you drink tea after you have your wisdom teeth extracted?

no it will make your teeths upsidedown and it will wisdom forever

Can you shower after having your wisdom teeth extracted?

Yes you can

When will I feel better after your wisdom teeth are extracted?


Im 17 and all 4 of my wisdom teeth were extracted 7.29.11. I am leaving for Germany in a week and I was wondering how long after getting wisdom teeth extracted can you eat solid foods?

You should be able to resume a normal diet after 7-10 days.

Youve somehow snapped your wisdom tooth what should you do?

you will need to see a dentist to get the root extracted and save you some pain.

How long should I take off work after a 4 wisdom teeth extracted?

couple days to a week.

Can you eat pasta after wisdom teeth extracted?

Always follow your dentist's instructions. They will probably include not eating anything for a certain amount of time after the tooth is extracted, but after that eating pasta should be fine.

Is it possible to get an earache after having wisdom teeth extracted?


What teeth are frequently extracted for orthodontic treatment?

Wisdom teeth

Can a wisdom tooth grow back after being extracted?

No, they will not grow back.

Has anyone had a very large malformed wisdom tooth extracted?


Can you kiss your girlfriend one week after having your wisdom teeth extracted?

Yes, as long as your mouth is not too sore. It should not damage the extraction site.

What can't you do when you have a wisdom tooth extracted?

Eat hard foods like apples

How long should numbness last after wisdom teeth are extracted?

If there is nerve damage, it can last forever. If it's just numbing medication, then about 1-2 hours.

Is it okay to smoke after midnight if you are getting your wisdom teeth out the next day?

* No, there should be no problem, but after you finish smoking use a good antibacterial mouth wash. What is the most important is not to smoke after you have extracted your wisdom teeth for at least 48 hours. == ==

What is the cost for 4 wisdom teeth extracted?

$1400-$1500 depending on if you have good insurance

What can be done for swelling of the face after wisdom tooth was extracted?

usually it will go down by itself ..

Are Popsicles ok to eat after you have your wisdom teeth extracted?

according to, it is perfectly fine!

Does it hurt when your wisdom teeth are being extracted?

No. The pain - and a whole lot of it - comes afterwards.

Wisdom teeth smoking?

Do not smoke after having your wisdom teeth extracted. The sockets could become infected, and at the very least, it will slow the healing process.

Is it possible for wisdom teeth extraction to change underbite?

I just had all of my wisdom teeth extracted with a class 3 underbite but it has not changed my profile at all.

Can impacted wisdom teeth cause ringing in your ears?

I just had 4 of my wisdom teeth removed and have only just started experiencing tinnitus.

How long do you need to wait to drink alcohol after having your wisdom teeth extracted?

5 hours