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they should wear some thing colourful like purple, red, brown, green... any colour you want just don't wear white, that is the brides job!!!

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Q: What should a personal attendant wear for a wedding?
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Why should you wear dress in the wedding?

Swearing wedding dresses in the wedding has become a tradition.

What should the house party at a wedding wear?

The cocktail dress would be a good choice to wear to a wedding.

Should you wear a thong to your wedding?

If you can see them through your wedding dress, then no.

If you are the groom should you wear your military uniform for your wedding?

To wear one's uniform for your wedding or not is a personal choice. If the wedding is on-base; a military wedding where the bride and groom come from the church under the crossed swords of their fellow officers is most impressive - if that is what the bride and groom want.

What should a military bride wear to her wedding?

Some brides might want to wear their uniform, but most grooms wouldn't like that. She should wear traditional wedding attire.

Should you wear a flower on your dress to an Australian wedding?

Unless you the parent of either the bride or groom or in the wedding party then no, you should not wear a flower on your dress.

What shoes should you wear with a black knee length dress for a wedding?

what shoes should I wear with black knee length wedding guest dress

Should you wear long black gloves to a wedding?

If it is an evening formal wedding, then yes.

What colors should you not wear to a wedding in Asia?


Should a boy wear a wedding dress on his wedding and the girl wear a wedding dress to?

If it has been agreed upon by both parties there is no reason why a boy cannot wear a wedding dress to his weddingln a traditional wedding with the boy in a suit or tux and the girl in a dressIt dippens what theme is on the wedding day.

What side should a lady wear her button hole for a wedding?

wedding dress does not have a button hole

What should you wear for your wedding night?

Honestly, there's no wrong answer. You should wear whatever makes you feel good.