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she/he has to give the girl a pregnancy test if she asks for it

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Q: What should a pharmacist do if a 15 year old girl asked for a pregnancy test to be done?
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What test should be done to confirm pregnancy?

a pregnancy test

What should be done to solve the problem of teen pregnancy?


When can the Board direct the deletion of an entry of a pharmacist in the register in Hong Kong?

This can be done when the pharmacist died, asked for the deletion to happen, has been absent from Hong Kong for more than two years without saying that he or she plans to return, obtained his registration in a dishonest manner, worked as a pharmacist in Hong Kong for more than six months without the required certificate, or is no longer working as a pharmacist in Hong Kong.

How many screenings do you have through out pregnancy?

You should have minimum three screenings through out pregnancy. One in each trimester. Additional screenings are done as and when indicated.

What has been done to solve teenage pregnancy?

Nothing has been done to prevent teen pregnancy

Is an induction cooker safe to use during pregnancy?

Yes. It should be safe to use the induction cooker safe in pregnancy. But then retrospective study can be done to prove the same.

When can pregnancy be confirmed?

when you go to the doctor and have a blood test done. This can be done anytime after 4 to 5 weeks of pregnancy.

How far along after conception should you take a pregnancy test?

Since we seldom are aware when precisely conception occurs, most doctors agree a pregnancy test should be done when your period is one week late.

When does a pharmacist need to return his or her Certificate of Registration in Hong Kong?

This is done when the Disciplinary Committee directs the removal of his or her name of the register of pharmacists as stated in Schedule 9 of Cap.138. The pharmacist needs to return both his or her certificate and duplicate certificate to the Secretary. If either or both certificate is lost, the pharmacist should provide a signed statement.

You have done an unprotect intercourse during 6th days of period is it safe to avoid pregnancy?

That's a relatively low risk time, but there's no time that's 100% safe. Talk with your pharmacist or health care provider about your options.

Can you use azithromycin suspension after expiration date?

The only one who can and should answer is your pharmacist. You'd be surprised what the answer will be. Read about the study done and why the law to have an exp. date was passed in 1979.

Can a pregnancy test tell you if done in the middle of your cycle if you are pregnant?

Typically women ovulate in the middle of their cycle. You should wait 10-14 days after ovulation to try a pregnancy test.

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