What should an 11-year-old girl do about her weight if she is between 102 and 106 pounds?

you are not fat .you might be a little chubby around the edges, but that will go away. you are oly still a child and if you or any other family or friend members are concerned all you have to do is just keep you in line feed you right and exercise more.and if your thinking what if i already exercise a lot and are in many sports and sometimes eat right.well here is my suggestion all you do is no big meals and dont eat all day every day..that can really mess you up.even if you are still hungry restell it and then you will get used to it....its not that hard ad if you were really concerned about it you will stick to youyr plans and make it happen .if your 11 and already concerned i know you can deo it just put your mind into it and it will be ok.hope it works and you not be concerned any more...that was a vry good ? to ask also