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Here are opinions and recommendations from FAQ Farmers: * It should be easily recognizable. * A simple design is best, if it is too complicated it is distracting and unprofessional looking. * It must not resemble too closely the logo of another company - trademark infringement could become an issue. A lawsuit could damage your reputation or even drive a small business to bankruptcy. * It is well worth the cost to hire a professional agency to design your logo. A good agency should work with you and can incorporate some of your own ideas. They hire artists who have actually studied art, commercial art, the elements of design and to some degree Psychology. For example, certain colors and color combinations are more attractive to us on a subconscious level, as well as being visually appealing. Placement of certain design elements, or a focal point, is more important than you might realize, too. Shapes and fonts effect how we perceive a design, too. * Also, a design can actually misrepresent your business or service. What may work well for an electronics/computer business, would just not be appropriate for an antique shop or craft boutique - no matter how much you may like the design. And if your business has an ambiguous name, one that doesn't immediately make a consumer aware of your services, a carefully selected logo can clarify. Then there is the fact that many people are 'visual.' In spite, of the old saying about never judging a book by it's cover, many people do just that when it comes to packaging, advertising, etc. * Too often, someone may think that just because they can draw a little they can create their own logo or ads. Sometimes they succeed; more often than not, the result is very 'amateurish.' * '''Remember''' your logo represents you and your business, and is often the first thing a potential customer or client will notice. Make the best, most professional impression you possibly can. First impressions really do count. On the other hand, if you can't provide a quality product or service, if you don't know how to successfully run and manage a business, if you don't know how or don't have the patience to give your customers the attention and respect they've come to expect, a smooth image is irrelevant. A cool logo or catch phrase may initially draw customers but it won't keep them coming back if your business practices are poor. I am not affiliated with any marketing or design agencies. But I've studied art and design. As well as marketing, psychology, and business management. I am myself in the process of setting up my own business and I'm negotiating with a couple of agencies over my own logo and advertising methods. * Don't let an artist or agency steamroll you. They should work with you. * Don't choose an agency without seeing some of their work. Check references, too. * Don't be afraid to haggle. Be prepared to negotiate, but don't undervalue their services and insult them. They may not be willing to compromise on cost. But this isn't necessarily a bad sign. But it you don't try, you'll never know. And if it turns out they are willing to haggle some, you may be able to work out a good deal that won't strain your checkbook. Bartering may be possible, too. Can you offer them a deal on a product or service they need anyway, or might like to have? * Pay for the best your budget will allow. But high rates don't necessarily mean the highest quality. * Be sure to always ask for a written estimate. Get everything in writing - including all the little extras that will nickle and dime you right into the poorhouse. * Of course, it won't do you a bit of good to get a written contract with itemized costs and so on, if you just sign on the dotted line without carefully READING your contract first. If there is something in a contract you're unsure of or just plain don't understand, don't be afraid to speak up. If you are still uncertain tell them your attorney or business manager (or whatever) needs to approve it before you sign. Even if you're bluffing it will buy you some time to research the clause that you're uneasy about. And there is always a chance that the agency may opt to amend or even remove the offending clause (esp. if it's nonstandard or questionable anyway) to keep your business or to expedite things. I could go on and on. Do a little research on your own; there's plenty of info on the 'net. Use some common sense and, really, just trust youself. Good luck with your endeavor. * I was a commercial artist for almost 15 years in Houston, Tx. and from what I have read here most of these are good suggestions thus far. However, I would like to add another aspect to this answer other than the basic look of the Logo and how professional it is etc.

Once you find the artist or designer you like to design the logo, you need to agree on what you get for your money. When I was designing, I had a basic price and this included three logo designs from which to choose. I did research on my time and I will say the client usually came out on top with this arrangement. Had I charged my hourly rate and itemized every minute I spent on design and camera ready art, it would have added up to much more than my basic charge. On rare occasion the designs would come to me very fast and I would end up on the plus side, but I felt my charges were always fair. If you review an artist's portfolio prior to hiring them, you will most likely notice if their professionalism is equal to your expectations. Also, call a few of their clients and ask them what it was like to work with them...this will tell you a lot.

One thing i found very quickly is that clients often want to change things, which is fine of course, but they can take it to the extreme. Making constant changes and many meetings and there isn't time enough in the world to satisfy some people. So, by offering three designs I found this to be fair for everyone and it eliminated all the extra meetings and time spent on the phone etc. The same price is charged whether they decide to use your designs or not. One thing that is very important is to sit with the client and talk about what they are trying to convey with their logo. I have never had a client NOT like one of the three designs but i suppose it does happen. If you do not set limits, a client can keep you going for weeks for the same contracted price and it just isn't worth it. I learned this lesson the hard way. ALSO, when completing the design, and after conferring with the client, you need to find out how this logo will be used. Will it be on just cards and letterheads and perhaps in ads? Will it be used on an actual product? Will you have to design it so that it can be embossed easily on to products or paper? Use of the logo is very important because in practicality, some designs cannot be utilized in certain ways. For example, if a client is going to be printing the logo on fabric or plastic it may not be practical to have small details in it. This also applies to embossing. My basic package included three designs and then the camera ready artwork of the design, along with camera ready art for their letterhead, cards, and envelopes. If they need dies or other artwork then that is extra. Hopefully all will be happy and you will have a client for life. Again, if i had to choose the most important things when choosing or developing a logo beyond picking the right price and artist, it would be the consideration of how that logo is going to be used. Think of the practical side and how many uses it will have and if it actually fits in with all your products and plans. If it doesn't fit, literally, it will be useless.

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Q: What should be considered when developing a logo for a corporation or organization?
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