What should be installed in a 1996 neon to increase performance and speed?

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Try buying a new car
You can add a high performance air intake to give it more horsepower
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Will a 1996 dodge neon fit in a 00 neon?

you will need to 2.4 tranny and they sell a motor mount kit that will make the engine fit to the original motor mount holes. u dont need a tranny froma 2.4 the neon tranny bolts right up to it manual or auto works fine. go to modernperformance.com and buy the passenger motor mount adapter and u wil ( Full Answer )

How to install back speakers in 2002 neon?

Many people say you must remove the back seat. But I have a 2000 Neon and What I did was just pop off one of the back panels by the back window. Then I popped out the seat belt guides in the back deck and slid the seat belts through the slits in the deck. Then I carefully started pulling the back de ( Full Answer )

How do you increase speed and performance of a 49cc motor scooter other than removing the restrictor?

google (performance parts for 49cc engine) Answer turning in the mixture screw will cause a lean burning condition that can severely damage your engine! if your scooter has a restrictor washer on the variator you can remove it to gain a higher gear and gain some speed, some scooters have a restri ( Full Answer )

How to install a timing belt in a Plymouth neon?

Answer . \nI just changed my timing belt. You will need to get the manual and read it a few times. But youll need to pull the starter belt off. there is a crank shaft that you will need a pulley tool to get off. its not easy. also you will need a table clamp for the tensioner. this is prob ( Full Answer )

How do you take off the headlights and install the rubber gaskets then reinstall and adjust the headlights on a 1996 Plymouth Neon espresso?

There are 6 10mm bolts to remove, two up top, three by the grille strip, and one hidden by the fender. You can take an extension and get it pretty easily from the front by inserting the socket and extension through the space where the fender, bumper and headlight meet. Take off the signal light by r ( Full Answer )

Where is back-up switch on 5-speed 1996 Dodge Neon?

Answer . \npart of the shift control-either at the switch or on the trans....read up\n. \neveryone should have a manual for their vehicle, and the local library should have a SHOP manual available in the reference section--make copies of the right info and read up..you'll be a pro in no time .. ( Full Answer )

How can you increase the speed and performance of a car?

there are many diffrent ways to help improve your cars performance, from getting a computer tune or just improving the airflow to the cars engine. Now knowing what you drive or what your budget is makes it a little difficult to answere, I would check out www.mpcustoms.com i have done business with t ( Full Answer )

How do you install an amp into a 96 dodge neon?

Answer . You have to connect a power cable from the battery, and run it through the fire wall, to the amp. The most common places to put the amp, are under the front passenger seat, or mount it to the trunk side of the rear seat (so it can be accessed by pulling down the back seat. There is NO n ( Full Answer )

How do you install an alternator on a 98 dogde neon?

disconnect battery then pull off pass tire to access alternator preferably with jack stands alternator has upper bolt and lower bolt loosen lower bolt and bracket that contains 3 bolts. on top of alternator is upper bracket that holds alternator in place the tensioner is facing firewall loosen tensi ( Full Answer )

Why does friction increase as speed increases?

Explained using the Big Idea Of Particles:the faster you go, the more air you have bashing into your surface. Imagine the molecules comprising air were the size of basket-balls. at walking speed, you'd only have 5 or 6 basket balls hitting you in the face every minute or so and they'd only hit ( Full Answer )

1996 dodge neon overheats?

Without more information, the answer is going to be: Check your coolant level, and add a proper 50/50 mix as necessary to the coolant overflow and the thermostat / radiator cap. If coolant is full, it may be time for a coolant flush. Also check to be sure that your thermostat is working. Check prope ( Full Answer )

How do install a ac condenser on your 96 neon?

Remove the freon from the system with a reclaiming machine. Withthe system empty, disconnect the lines from the condenser and boltin the new one. use new o rings as well. Pull an entire systemvacuum, then refill the AC unit with freon.

Does installing a 4GB 400Mhz RAM increase the performance of PC?

only increasing the RAM will not improve the Performance of the PC.. Increasing the Ram will help the system with little more space for opening the temporary files in the Memory. This improves the Stability & not the Speed .. Performance is something based on the BUS speed of Processor, Ram, Moth ( Full Answer )

How to install a Damper pulley on a neon?

the proper way is with an installer but its not cheap sometimes you can rent tools like this at advanced or autozone if not i have driven them on with a hammer many times i just use a block or a buffer between the hammer and the pully if you listen to the sound when you hit the pully you will hear a ( Full Answer )

Why does speed increase?

Speed increases when a body accelerates under the influence of a force. Newton's second law: acceleration= force/mass. Acceleration is the rate of change of speed over a period of time. For example if you drop an object, it's speed increases by 9.8 meters per second every second.

How do Install Speed sensor install on 1996 through wheel well?

speed sensors are on the transmissions or transfur case if it is a 4x4, You must be asking about a ABS. wheel sensor ( anti-locking brakes ) Just follow the wire down to the back of the wheel and remove the small bolt that holds the sensor in place and remove sensor. The other end of the wire up in ( Full Answer )

Why does friction increase when the speed increases?

The frictional force between two sliding surfaces is the product of the force between them (the normal force or that at right angles to the two surfaces), and a coefficient which is usually less than one, but can be higher sometimes like with a rubber tire on a dry road. Thus the frictional force sh ( Full Answer )

If altitude increases the required orbital speed of a satellite should?

For any body in a closed orbit around another body, the farther apart the two bodies are, the slower the satellite moves in its orbit... When the Space Shuttle is in "low earth orbit", it moves faster than the Moon is moving in its orbit.. A satellite in an elongated orbit, that spends some ( Full Answer )

Your mileage counter and gas meter do not work for your 1996 dodge neon what should you do?

There are three things that you could do for this. Take off the top dash piece. It is all one piece just start from one side and work you're way to the other until all the clips are popped up. Then just pull it out. From there remove the two Allen screws on top of the instrument cluster. There are a ( Full Answer )

Will 1996 neon body parts fit on a 2001 neon?

No, the body parts for a 96 neon are a different style than that of a 2001. If you try to put a 1996 body part on a 2001, the bolt holes will not line up. Your best bet is 99, 98, 97, 95 neon body parts. They are the same body style. I own a 99 neon, it has a 95 brake light, 96 head light, 95 fender ( Full Answer )

Why does speed increase when slope increases?

The slope of the line on a graph of position vs. time is a representation of the speed. When the speed increases, its representation on the graph increases, otherwise it wouldn't be called a "representation". The appearance of a person's hair-do in a photograph is a representation of the leng ( Full Answer )

If speed increases does acceleration increase?

not necessarily. on earth for example there is a constant acceleration of 9.8 m/s^2. if you drop an object off a building its speed will increase but the acceleration acting on the object will remain the same I think probably the accelaration of the object will increase from newton's law. V^2 = ( Full Answer )

Why does increasing memory do more to improve system performance than simply increasing the speed of single processor?

Well, it doesn't... always. If you don't have enough system memory (Ram) your computer is forced to waste time swapping data to and from the HDD to load it into and out of ram as needed. This is really really really bad. HDDs, even SSDs are quite slow by computer standards. If you're in this situ ( Full Answer )

Why is idling speed increased on my 1996 2.2 vauhall arena van?

An increased idling speed can be caused by a large number of components of the engine. Have you recently given it maintenance? If not, it would be a good idea to do an oil change, add coolant if it is low, check the spark plugs and plug wires and replace them if they've never been replaced, and chec ( Full Answer )

How should you increase your speed on a treadmill?

The best way to is add some more speed to your workouts every other week. Don't add too much speed - a quarter mile per hour more will get you a long way. When you add the speed every other week, your body will not get too strained and you will be able to get in a better condition slowly but steadil ( Full Answer )

How do you install neon tubes into your room?

You can create your own mounting bracktes from sheet metal and nail or screw them into the wall. Alternatively, mount or purchase a fixture to mount to tubing to, and hang the mount on the wall.

Is the dodge neon a five speed?

I have 2003 Dodge neon sxt 2.0 liter and its a 4 speed and some are 3 speed I know this 4 sure about the 2003 If it has a manual transmission it would be a 5 speed.

My processing speed is 2.2 Hz If I increase the ram or install a graphic card will it increase?

Your CPU speed is fixed. If you have a 2.2 ghz processor, you can not make it a higher ghz. However, if you install RAM it could cause the computer to run faster. RAM enables many applications to run faster. Adding a Video card can also run faster, if the programs you run are graphic intensive. If y ( Full Answer )

Where is the starter on a 1996 Plymouth neon?

Starter is on the front of vehicle between the radiator and the engine...best access would be to remove the radiator fan and battery box then put it back together in reverse order... Boondock Mechanic

When distance increases does speed increase?

No, unless the slope is in favor of the drop. Meaning its a downhill. If the slope is downwards, the speed may increase with distance, since more potential energy exists. So distance increases with speed if moving downhill

How do you install a radiator for a 1997 Dodge Neon?

Have patience, this takes a couple of hours. Remove battery, battery tray, cooling fans (2 small bolts on back of radiator at top for each fan; electrical connectors are at the bottom). Pay attention which fan is where as the right one is larger and wont fit on the left side). Drain radiator. Remove ( Full Answer )

What should be done to increase speed of bicycle?

You can pedal faster. You can shift up, if your bike has multiple speeds and you're not already in top gear You can, paradoxically, also shift down and go faster - if you are in too high a gear, it will be too hard to pedal and you'll go slower You can choose the right kind of bike for the surfac ( Full Answer )

What type of installation should you perform if you want to install a 64 bit version of windows on a computer that already has a 32 bit os installed?

You should do a clean install. It is not possible to do an upgradefrom a 32 to 64 bit O/S. To do this gather all of your installationfiles (Adobe Reader, Drivers, Programs) and put them on removablemedia such as a USB thumb drive or Optical Disc. Then make acomplete backup of the system. Use a migra ( Full Answer )

How do you increase performance on a 1996 VT 1100 Shadow Ace?

If the bike is in good condition and nothing wrong with tuning or maintenance, then there are still some things you can do to increase its performance. You can change the standard exhaust system for a customized one that fits with the current exhaust fasteners. This will increase power somewhat but ( Full Answer )