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What should i do to impress a boy you like?


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Act indifferent. If he is popular then he will try to earn your respect. Or try to become his friend. After you become his friend become his best friend by doing things he likes to do. It a win win solution!

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It completely depends on the individual boy and what impresses him.It also depends on what you mean by "impress". You being yourself should be enough to impress a boy, if that doesn't impress him then he's not worth trying to impress.

Be a observer what does this boy like try to impress him in something he likes but stay true to you.

If a boy does not like you, you should not waste your time asking him out or trying to impress him. It will only end in disappointment and heart break.

you flirt with him or dress to impress

First you can start by simply saying hello. Then you should just get to know him.

Of course not. 10 year old girls shouldn't do ANYTHING to impress a boy.

Well if you are going to impress a boy you should wear something reAlly nIce and make eye contact with him.and why not give him a smile(:

If you are a shy girl, you might impress a boy whom you like but doesn't like you by learning what he enjoys doing. Then, try to participate in those activities to get his attention.

Treat her like a lady, don't do anything immature & act like you are not interested. the rest will follow.

something cute but not too revealing

be yourself ask them questions but don't act like you want to be their girlfriend dress good not nerdy

a boy who was acting like an idiot to impress her

To act like a good boy..Do any thing regard her,

Well......Sorry if he is engaged then you can't really impress him. If you want him to like you I'm sorry you should probably move on sorry but it is true. You should look for a guy who isn't in a relationship let alone engaged or married. :)

she smells like she is trying to impress a boy and ] is trying to marry him and his named will be Daniel

A sentence used to impress the girl or boy into "like like" you.

Be yourself. If he doesn't like you the way you are, don't date him. Be polite.

you just get naked in front of him or if you in the classroom grab is balls.

Impress a girl: be really amazing at whatever your doing Impress boy: be cute

You should try looking at things from her point of view. If she likes something try to understand it better. But DON'T try to change yourself. She should like you for who youare, not for some guy who looks and acts like her.

yes, a black boy impress a white girl if he has positive nature and atitude

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