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It completely depends on the individual boy and what impresses him.

It also depends on what you mean by "impress". You being yourself should be enough to impress a boy, if that doesn't impress him then he's not worth trying to impress.


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My opinion would be to just be your self :)

Look cute for them and hit on them. Try to make moves on him when you feel it is safe. Some would say it'll probably be best to let him go and not try to impress him at all; just think of how you would feel if a girl tried to impress a guy you're with.

Be a observer what does this boy like try to impress him in something he likes but stay true to you.

Impress a girl: be really amazing at whatever your doing Impress boy: be cute

yes, a black boy impress a white girl if he has positive nature and atitude

First you have to Find out how your classmate behaves then find out what he/she likes. Think of something that would impress he/she example (boy) getting he's favourite record disk that has not came out yet or impress he/she by getting yourself on a high popularity level if he/she would admire that.

You won't impress a boy if you talk about the boys you dated before. Don't say nothing about your ex-boyfriends. Would a boy that talks about how much he loved his ex-girlfriend impress you? Everyone hates school because school is boooring… really boooring. You won't impress any boy if you ask him about math or homeworks. He may even start avoiding you. It's useless to try to talk about football or video games with a boy that you want to impress if you don't know nothing about football or video games. Imagine how stupid a boy that tries to talk with you about lipstick would be. The same thing is with girls talking about video games and football.

just try your best and impress Be nice to him Take an interest in what's important to him Smile Be interesting

Well Clearly if the guy is not interested in you as your question states. There's no point in trying to impress him, best you could do is probably try and find someone who actually is interested in you.

be yourself,and tell him exactly how you feel,, thatl impress him.

Of course not. 10 year old girls shouldn't do ANYTHING to impress a boy.

i have no idea but my best guess would be that it was a joke or something like that

you flirt with him or dress to impress

You don't do it by trying to.

Well if you are going to impress a boy you should wear something reAlly nIce and make eye contact with him.and why not give him a smile(:

manly the boy would try to impress the girl and they would go shy around each other if not then they would try to make the other person laugh

You shouldn't have to impress a boy your in 5th grade. Your young

okay well im a girl myself. and for me a boy would impress me by playing sports and kindve showing off a little being tough around his friend but not to the point where he acts fake and really isn't tough but just act like yourself that's one of the main things that girls like about a boy is when they act like theirselves and don't fake it at all that's how you can impress a girl.

Do something that he likes that she can't do.

The best Elf on The Shelf Boy name would be Jimmy. The best Elf there is would be Jimmy Shelf Elf.

well, rory would tune him, cause he is gay. Poor effort joe

I would be impressed by how you treat others. If you're a kind and caring boy, I don't care how attractive you are. good

If you are 12, a 15 year old girlfriend is probably not the best idea. the boy and girl would be in two completely different worlds, they would have little, if anything in common. It would be best for them both to go out with someone their own age

um... it all deepens what does he do? does he try to impress you? if he does them most definitely.

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