What should if you like a guy but yourBFF is dating him?


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Discuss this with your friend, and wait your turn. You may consider telling the guy too, but try not to make you friend upset.

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if the guy you like is dating his new girl friend you should tell him your feallings and then when he is over that girl you can make your move and pounce like a cheeta

if your dad is not fond of the guy you are dating make him understand how much you love this guy. if he stil does not understand you should do what your father likes and dumb the guy.

I personally do not like dating a shorter guy, but if he is a nice guy and you like him so for it.

If you really like him and your parents are okay with you dating then yes go for it!

Seeing as it's a guy you're not dating you should try to do it more sexually than a guy you are dating. And with less feeling. Kiss him like you think he would kiss you. Be confident and go for it (:

If you're a preteen, you shouldn't worry about dating anyway!

ask him out or maybe he will ask you out you just have to wait and see

How was your day?What's new?Ask about latest dating rumor

that guy who used to like you is not a good guy for you, because he left you in a way stick to the guy you have right now! :)

just tell her the truth. she/he should understand. if not let them cool down. u cant always pick who u like.

just tell him and get over it you should feel happy for her she is your best friend

Talk about possibly dating. Go on a date? Its not rocket science.

Friendship : : Probably Not Dating : : Yeah, if you want. If they don't like it, stop.

You distract you're self by thinking about the guy you're dating. If you think you like that guy, you should ask him out and dump the other guy. :)

Well, if you are not happy then i think you should end things with the guy you are dating. Tell him that you are better off as friends. But make sure it's really what you want. I have been in this before and i know what it is like, its very confusing so make sure you think about it.

Is it wrong to kiss a guy you're not dating?

If you are dating then by definition you are his girlfriend.

If you are, right now, with the guy you are dating, then certainly that is what is meant to be, right now. Life is unfolding as it should.

Well if you are dating this boy doesn't it mean that you like each other? When your going out with someone then he tells people that you like him that should be fine because everyone probably knows that you like him because your going out with him!

You should tell your parents first! Then go to a gay dating website or something??

If you like that other guy bad idea!

Well you should tell the person he's dating that he flirts with you and get the girl to ask him why he does it. The guy might then admit he likes you and dump the girl. You can then ask him out but you should probably wait a week ish for the girls sake.

if ur dating, thay may be busy. or they could be a jerk. u should no tha difference

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