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Avoiding going to jail. It is a method of teaching that there is a consequence or debt to be paid for a former bad or illegal action. If you knew that if you were caught littering, you would have to pick up trash on the side of the road for 40 hours... you might think twice before doing it. It is similar to the stocks that judges put people into when convicted for a crime. This was meant to shame the person.

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Q: What should people expect to gain from performing community service work?
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Is community service helping the community?

community service is when you help the community or your environment such as the people. act of helpful activity; help; aid: to do someone a service that has to do with a community.

Why should people do community service?

Doing community service is the greatest feeling in the world. I do community service and thanks to that i have met so many people and some of them i would have never met them if it wasn't for community service. I recommend everyone doing at least doing one hour of community and to see how great they feel after.

What can you expect from a private school community?

Less people and more challenges.

Where can you do community service?

A community volunteer center or anywhere. You can help people you know also.

What is community service?

Community service is the act of volunteering for your community. A lot of people volunteer at soup kitchens, planting trees, volunteering at a animal shelter or nursing home etc.

What do Jewish people value?

Community, service to the community, caring for the needy, education, Torah, and God.

How does community service help others?

Community service helps others by providing benefits to people who need it and are unable to do it themselves like elders or the poor. <<uhh no wtf?

What does a Community Helper do?

A Community Helper obviously helps other people. They help the community by cleaning ect. They don't get paid to do community service, so it's not a job.

Is visiting my grandmother at a hospital community service If it is then who do i get to sign my community service form a nurse a doctor?

No, visiting your grandmother is not community service. But it is a very good thing to do, now if you go around and talk to other people there then it is likr read them a book or something then it counts

How do you promote values formation in the community?

Encourage people to go to church, synagogue, or mosque.Encourage them to volunteer to do community service.

What is a sentence with the word benefiting in it?

The people benefiting from my community service are the students in my school.

What does public service mean to you?

it means that people go and can do stuff that is within the community

Why does the church help in the local community?

The early Christians did not expect people to come to them to hear the Gospel; they went out to share with all who would receive. We have no right to expect or insist that people come to church to hear the good news of Jesus, so we must share the Gospel with people where THEY are. Therefore, we need to be involved with the community at large.

Other than attending classes what other things might I expect to have to do to get my degree from an EMT school?

Community service or bribe people to cheat for you on your homework the best thing to do is BEG FOR IT and why would you not want to attend class you can learn more.

Why Community service is important?

Because it's important that the community looks good, and people are very genorous to give up thier time to make a change to our community :)

Why is community service important?

It is important because it is helping a lot of people.Some people who need help cant always help's always nice to help once in a is also good to put on an application for anything.Some people feel good about helping people. In addition, during Community Service, you will also be able to learn some valuable life skills such as team working(Since most Community Service will be done in a group) and also Communicating. Sometimes, Community Service would also involve lots of planning and therefore, organizing skills. Because it's important that the community looks good, and people are very genorous to give up their time to make a change to our community :)

When it is comes to service for community what does man have to do in relation military and defence?

When it comes to military and defence in man's community man has to step up and practice and take shifts to defend his community. Man has to be able to risk his life to save his people and his community. Man should not just do it for a medal but he should do it for the fact that this is his community, with his people, and the place where he lives. If man does give his service to community this but does not get much recognition, man should be proud as he know he did the right thing and helped his community.

How does community service support businesses?

Community service helps businesses because if they can't afford help for what they need done or they don't have enough people on their staff. Plus community service is a good thing and if you are still in high school or something, it works very well towards scholarships if you are going to go to college.

Did Lady Gaga do any community service?

yes because she use to strip homeless people

Why people should complete time in community service?

If you are seriously asking this question, maybe you shouldn't be filling out anything that requires you to answer it. if you were actually DOING community service, you'd have enough heart (and experience) to answer this one on your own.

What kind of people are often given community service?

The basic rule is that they must be non-violent offenders.

What is a judges job?

they sentence people to jail, probation, community service, ect. They get paid $250,000 a year.

What are some community service organizations around the world which serve people who are less fortunate?

I guess redcross

What is communal labor or service?

When group of people in the community come together in other to achieve a common goal

What to expect during first day of a united church of christ service?

Expect to feel pretty stupid and to cringe a lot. Expect people to be freakishly nice to you in the hopes that you'll join their flock and validate their existence. Expect to leave there questioning the existence of God. Good luck!