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People traditionally kiss the Blarney Stone for good luck.

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on ST. Patrick's day Irish people kiss the clover for good luck!!

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What should people kiss for good luck on Saint Patrick's Day?

It is said that people should kiss the Blarney Stone on St. Patrick's Day. The stone is located at Blarney castle in Ireland. It is said that if you kiss it, you'll never again be lost for words.

Should gay people be able to kiss in public?

The real answer is that gay people should be allowed to do anything in public that straight people are allowed. If straight people kiss in public, gay people should also.

What are some good tourist sites in Ireland?

There are old castles And places like the Blarney stone, which is rumored to give you special powers if you kiss it. Also there is saint patricks church and his grave. So, as you see, there really is tourist sights to visit in France

What is the wettest type of kiss in the world?

An underwater dog kiss. An underwater Saint Bernard dog kiss.

What kind of first kiss should you give to a boy?

you should kiss him on the mouth cause the cheek is for people who are five years old.

U should kiss with people around or would it be better to kiss alone?

if you dont like PDA then i would kiss alone, but if you dont mind if people see you kiss and all then go ahead and do it with people around. But it is whatever you are most comftorable with.. (^_^)

When should you kiss a boy?

You should kiss a boy on the check first.Kiss him at a time you think is just right.If many people know about your realtionship,try to kiss kim around some of your closest friends.If not many people know about your realtionship keep it quiet and kiss him when nobody is around.

What should two people do under mistle toe?

Most people would say to kiss.

Should i be nervous for my first kiss?

When should you have your first kiss

How can guys can kiss guys in public?

Guys can kiss in public, just dont care other people say, they should be minding their business anyway. But kiss if you want it wont kill you if you kiss in public.

Should he kiss you or should you kiss him?

He should kiss you because if you kiss him he may think you have never kissed somebody and you want to get it over and done with he may think your desprate.

When and how should i kiss my boyfriend when I'm not allowed on dates?

you should kiss him at school. A french kiss biach

Should you kiss a boy at the age of 12?

Yes its ok I know lots of people that kissed at that age I hope every thing works out cause u should kiss him if you love him

When should you kiss a girl?

You should kiss her when she wants to kiss.Let her know you want to kiss, but don't tell her"I want to kiss". Use your brain to let her knw you want to kiss, withoutsaying I wan to kiss.

You are 11 almost 12 should you wait and kiss and makeoit when you are older?

you can kiss people at this age but i think you should wait to make out till you are at least a teen. in nz the legal age is 16 but people do it earlier. you should wait ,besides you have all the time in the world to do it.

When should you have you have your first kiss?

I think you should have you First kiss at you 2nd date

Why do people of the same sex kiss?

they kiss for exactly the same reasons that people of opposite sexes kiss.

Is it normal to kiss on the first date or second date?

It depends. Most people say that it is best to wait. But I think it should be on the first date. It is a kiss.

Should the first kiss be fast or slow?

That really depends on what you and your boyfriend/girlfriend like. Most people like the kiss to change speeds however.

Is a man kissing his father gay?

No, all men should kiss their fathers. Just like all men should kiss their mothers, all women should kiss their fathers, and all women should kiss their mothers.

Should you kiss him or should he kiss you?

Whoever wants to do it first, should do it. Doesn't really matter who does it first.

How should you kiss your girlfriend if it is your first kiss with her but you have kissed other people before?

If you want to leave a good impression, kiss her with passion. Don't hold back just because it's your first time kissing her. The first kiss with any girlfriend should be in the top three best kisses with that person.

How do you kiss at 12 years old?

you dont tongue kiss you just kiss on the but you should kiss at the 12

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