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I will assume that you are wanting to know the depth of the water for a 24x48" above ground pool. With the wall being 48" in height, I would usually tell the buyer to subtract 4-6" off of the wall height. So, in the case of the 48" wall, the water level will be anywhere between 42-44".


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Q: What should the depth on a 24-ft round above ground 48-inch wall be?
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How many gallons does a 4ft above ground pool hold?

It depends on the diameter and depth of the pool. It should say on the box.

What is the analogy for if ascend is to height what is to descend?

Depth. To ascend is to go up, and to descend is go down. We measure the height of things above the ground and the depth of things below the ground.

How does the depth of snow cover influence the depth to which the ground freezes?

The depth of snow cover has an inverted influence on the depth to which the ground freezes. The more snow, the less depth of frozen ground. The snow acts like an insulator on the ground that reflects sunlight.

How many gallons of water are in a 21 foot above ground pool?

We deed to know the area of the pool and the depth of the water to answer this.

How deep can an above ground pool be?

The deepest above ground pool in the world has been recorded to having depth levels of 5 m (16 ft.) and 10 m (32 ft.), a large circular pit descending to a depth of 33 m (108 ft.). It is filled with 2,500,000 liters of water and contains several simulated underwater caves at 10 m depth levels.

How many gallons of water is in a 33 foot round above ground swimming pool?

To calculate this the depth would also be needed

How much water is in an 18-foot above ground swimming pool?

Diameter x Diamater X Depth X 5.2

Is depth the same thing as height?

They use the same measurement, but height is considered to be above the 'zero mark', while depth is below this mark. Often, the ground, floor, or sea level serves as this 'zero mark'.

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Place it appx 42" (aff) above finished floor. Be sure it is depth is no more than the depth of the tank top so you do not hit your head when standing up

How far underground is Lightning Ridge?

The town of Lightning Ridge is above ground. Only the opal mine shafts go underground, and these vary in depth.

What is a good depth for a swimming pool that is above ground?

A good depth for an above ground pool is anywhere between 4 to 5 feet. In most cases, you can build a decorative patio around it to make it look less awkward. In most circumstances, if it's any taller than 5 feet, it goes against certain building codes in some areas.

What is the proper grounding depth for a rod in wet land?

Ground rods come in 10 ft. lengths. They are to be driven in to that depth, wet ground or not. That is the Code.

How does the depth of the snow cover influence the depth to which the ground freezes?

The greater the snow depth, the more insulation the snow pack can provide. Therefore, the ground cannot freeze as deep with a thicker snow pack.

Why is air pressures greatest at ground level?

It is not, air pressure is greatest at sea level. This is because the air pressure is caused by the weight of the air above you and at sea level the depth of the air column above you is at its maximum.

What is Dependence of pressure on the depth?

At greater depth, the pressure increases, due to the weight of the liquid above.

Does the soil porosity increase as the depth increases?

Bulk density generally increases with soil depth due to increasing pressure from the soil column above. Porosity is inversely related to bulk density, thus porosity should decrease as soil depth increases.

How does the depth of the trophosphere vary?

The depth of the troposphere varies from more then 16km above the equator to less than 9km above North Pole and South Pole.

How deep should a temporary electric service pole be set in the ground?

There is no specific depth stated. Two to three feed deep with staked angular support from the pole to the ground will do the job fine.

How many gallons of water are in an above ground 28 foot diameter x 48 inch deep above ground pool?

Your round pool has a volume of 2463 cubic ft. The formula to achieve this is Pi * (radius squared) * depth of 4 ft. Converting this to U.S. Gallons comes to 18,425 gallons.

What is the depth of the thermosphere?

Hi there! Here's the answer, darling: The depth is about 80-90 km. above the sea's level.

Why is water pressure greater at a greater depth than at a shallow depth?

Because of the weight of the water above.

What is the distance above or below sea level?

it is depth

What is the frost depth in Martinsville VA?

The frost depth refers to how deeply frost can penetrate into the ground. In Martinsville, Virginia, the frost depth is around 18 inches deep.

Can you use the tail of the vernier caliper to measure the depth of the test tube?

It is used to measure the depth of a small hole in the ground.

Explain why fluid pressure varies with depth in liquids?

At greater depth, the weight of the liquid above contributes to the pressure.