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Yes that is about right. Coolant under pressure has a higher boiling point than 212 degrees.

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What conditions were the Cherokee forced to leave their lands?

in cold harsh weather and little supplies

What is the operating temperature for a 1998 buick park avenue ultra?

195 degree is were your thermostat will open.which in hot weather causes cars to run a little hot.recommend use a alternate thermostat at 180 degree.helps run engine cooler and helps with cooler transmission.hope this helps

What is the Cherokee language translation for little one with spite?

Little One Translated In Cherokee Is u-s-ti Sagwu Hope That Helped (:

How do you say little one or little angel in Cherokee?

Litaal Angeliquos

How much Cherokee blood do you have?

very little

How do you say little brother in Cherokee?


What is the normal operating temperature for a 1990 Chevy 350 engine with auto trans?

195 degrees to 210 degrees and that will very a little, depending on weather and driving habits

How do you say Eagle in Cherokee?

a-wa-hi-li For me i kinda know a little Cherokee this is one of the words

What does Yona mean in Cherokee?

Bear Little Bear

What is the superlative degree of little?

The superlative degree of little is littlest. Otherwise it would be most little, and that's wrong. Superlative means expressing the highest degree of a quality in grammar.

How do you say forever in Cherokee?

Igohida. Or at least thats what little I remember from my great grandmother who was Cherokee

What is the comparative degree of less?

"Less" is the comparative degree of little.

What is the Cherokee word for little squirrel?

AleighaAnswer:ᏌᎶᎵ (saloli)

What is the comparative and superlative degree of less?

"Less" is the comparative degree of little. The superlative degree is least.

Do Cherokee women have pubic hair?

My girlfriend is 75% Cherokee and she has very little pubic hair. She has stated that she does not shave or trim it. It is natural as it is.

What does bleak winter weather mean?

Bleak winter weather means a little cold type of weather.

What is superlative degree of little?

Its "least" Little-less-least.

What is the normal operating temperature of a 1968 Chevrolet Camero Z28 with a 302 cubic inch?

The manufacture requires a 180 degree thermostat. If your fan clutch is operating normally and the radiator has good flow it will probably be around 190 to 205. It may run a little cooler when the car is moving.

What was the weather like during the battle of the little big horn?

Summer weather.

Who was the original chief of the Cherokee tribe?

Chief Little Turkey, in 1788.

What is the distance between Little Rock and Cherokee Village?

141 miles

What is comparative and superlative degree of little?

little, littler, littlest little, less, least

How do you say little man in Cherokee?

asgayia osti The answer previously given is close, but not exactly accurate. The Cherokee word for man is *A-sga-ya.* When that word is spoken it is often contracted to sound like *a-sky.* The Cherokee word for little is u-sdi. When the two words are brought together the word for man is contracted even further so that the Cherokee name *Little man* is spoken as *Sky-u-sdi.*

Is an associate's degree a good degree to have?

No you get very little money. You probably want to get your masters degree or your doctorist degree. You get alot of money

Translation of Little bear in Cherokee?

ᎤᏍᏗ ᏲᎾ / usdi yona (a little bear) ᏧᏂᏍᏗ ᏲᎾ / junsdi yona (little bears)