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Wear your rogular clothes like jeans and a tee shirt tennis shoes and your hair pulled back in a ponytail . But to get boys to stare at you wear a little make like blush eyeliner and mascara . AND MOVE THEM HIPS!

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When should garden salads be dressed?

Salads should be dressed just before serving.

Should I go to school dressed as batman on Non-School-Uniform day?

Me again, just so you know, I also went as Santa and a Ninja once.

Never cross the street without looking both ways what Punctuation should be used?

Period. It should be-- Never cross the street without looking both ways.

Why you should wear school uniform properly?

You should wear your school uniform properly to avoid looking sloppy.

Why should students not wear school uniform?

because school uniforms are dorky looking and kids should be able to wear what they want to!!!!!!

Why students should not wear school uniform?

because school uniforms are dorky looking and kids should be able to wear what they want to!!!!!!

How do you know the earth is a globe without looking at NASAs pics?

Science should be observable, testable, repetable.

Should school uniform be scraped government opinion?

No, Because a school uniform is smart and represents the students school it also makes everyone EQUAL no-one is richer ,smarter ,better dressed etc. etc.

Why should students wear uniforms?

There are several reasons that students should wear uniforms. A uniform advertises the school and announces that the wearer is from a certain school. On a day-to-day basis, a uniform takes away the pressure of buying school clothing and deciding what to wear -- this equalizes the students in the school (somewhat) and helps less well-off students feel that they belong without having to spend money on clothes. It assures that students are properly dressed for school as well.

Should you kiss a girl in school?

yes as long as no teachers or principals are looking

Should students have a high school/homeschool curriculum?

They should be looking for it in far places or they should get out of home school and have high school curriculum. I hope this answer helps you. You may look up the internet if this doesn't help.

What time should people get dressed?

In the morning

What should I study in high school to become a surgeon?

Because you can't get into medical school without a high school dimploma

looking for automotive paint school, two or three day school thank you J?

You should try WyoTech Institute

How old should a kitten get dressed?

Kittens do not need to get dressed at any age. Their fur is sufficient to protect them from the cold.

I'm looking for a college planning center in IN?

If you're looking for a college in Indiana, you should visit, to find a school that suits you. There, you can compare schools, and figure out which school is the best fit for you.

What should you wear to a casual dance at school for 7th graders?

If it's casual at my middle school, you just wear whatever you wore that day to school. Since that is what casual means. Just wear what you want but don't get too dressed up.

How can you access the webpage without knowing their url?

If you type in what you are looking for, then it should pop up.

Why fish should be dressed at once after cleaning?


Why should children wear uniforms?

Some schools require uniforms for several reasons. There is a thought that coming to school dressed neatly and nicely helps in attitude compared to coming to school looking sloppy. It also addresses the problem with symbols and colors that are connected with gangs. Neutral colors are often picked for school uniforms. It can save parents money. Instead of buying "fashionable" clothing to impress others the school uniform makes everyone equal.

How much electricity does a school use in a year?

it should be none because without electricity we cant go to school!

Should they ban gum from school?

who cares if its banned just chew it while there not looking, that's what i do

How should I ask a guy to hang out without looking like I like him?

You just be calm about it and be suttle .

Can you get Internet on iPhone without data plan?

It all depends on what your looking for. If you looking for Edge, 3g then no its impossible. But it should allow you to use Wi-fi

How long should a wound be dressed?

Three to five minutes