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What should you call a female patterdale?

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A Patterdale Terrier is a type of dog. It is classified as a Fell Terrier. A Patterdale Terrier is a small dog weighing in under 15 pounds. It is considered a working dog.

the patterdale carries pups up to 67 days or if your lucky 60 days

Your niece/nephew should call you 'Aunt' (female) or 'Uncle' (male).

You are their uncle (if you are male) or aunt (female).

The population of Patterdale is 460.

depends on the colour and personality

Buubles, Queen Aqua, or something you would call a girl fish

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Patterdale terriers, unfortunately, are not hypo-allergenic. However, many terriers are, including Scottish terriers, Welsh Terriers, Irish terriers, and Border Terriers.

i dont know but you can call them something rude that starts with b i dont want to write it

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I think he should call it a sweatshirt. A "hoodie" sounds more feminine, which I (being a female and all) would know all about.

If it's a female, you can call it Snowy.

The female is a "leopardess."

you can either call it a female chicken or a henA hen!!!Hen

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The first Gentleman What do we call the husband of female president?

In Chinese, we call a female bachelor as "Sheng Nv". Huh

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