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In many cases the reeking has nothing to do with personal hygiene, neither with the daily washing routines nor with the usage of soap or deodorants. As a matter of fact, there are lots of people suffering from a commonly unknown disorder called bromhidrosis, an innocuous but distracting illness which causes a permanent and penetrative smell of sweat. The main cause of bromhidrosis is the bacterial flora of the skin. The main symptom of bromhidrosis is uncontrolled growth of special dermal bacteria. These bacteria assimilate the sweat on the skin, creating by-products like butanoic acid and formic acid which we recognize as the typical 'smell of sweat.'

It may also be from the genetic disease Trimethylaminuria, which causes bad body odor. This illness is commonly known as "TMAU-Syndrome". This is a condition that can be treated by your doctor. It's generally related to the chemistry in your body and sometimes by changing your diet can help, but visit your doctor and they can give you medications for this problem.

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How do you tell your peer that they have a body odor problem?

tell them that you should see a doctor

Do sugar gliders have body odor?

If you are feeding them right there should be no problem... if they have have a bad diet then they will have a serious odor. (I have one, I have experienced it.)

What someone should take to prevent body odor?


How is body odor treated by alternative medicine?

The following remedies are mostly for the topical relief of body odor. For more thorough treatment, the underlying conditions should also be addressed.

What behaviors can affect body odor?

Activities that make you sweat can affect your body odor.

Can body odor be prevented?

Good hygiene practices are important in preventing body odor.

Can yeast cause body odor?

Yes, a yeast infection can contribute to body odor.

How do the geeky bacteria create body odor and how can it be prevented?

the odor of your body is occured by sweat.

Could my birth control pills or Estroven be causing my sudden body odor problem?

no just take a shower :/

Is it dangerous not to wipe after going to the bathroom?

Yes, because you can get an infection "down there." It can also be a problem in terms of body odor.

How can one get rid of body odor?

One can get rid of body odor by cleansing the body with soap or body wash while taking shower. Afterwards, applying deodorant and body perfume helps reduce body odor.

What causes extreme body odor?

The genetic disorder Trimethylaminuria causes extreme body odor.

What is the cause of bad body odor?

The genetic disorder Trimethylaminuria causes bad body odor.

My Dog has very bad pee odor?

If he is urinating outside then the smell should not be a problem... if it is noticeable you should go see your vet.

Why does sweat cause you to have a odor?

Sweat is the water residue that is as a result of exercise or workout.This is called respiration.Sweat causes body odor since sweat also is a way for the body to release materials not needed in the body and this can come out with sweat. When this materials are mixed with the air outside the body the body is a odor called body odor.

What diseases can cause bad body odor?

In some cases bad body odor can occur with diabetes.

Why should people wear deodorant?

The reason why people should wear deodorant is that it will prevent the smell that arises from body odor.

Why does body odor smell like onion?

Body odor is determined by penis size or breast size.if you have onion smelling body odor you have a relatively small penis or breasts sorry bro

Do breasts have body odor?

yes breasts do have body odor. they have a chemical that comes out of them called felangiliophy. it can cause harm if swallowed.

What would cause your six year old son to have body odor?

Maybe he doesn't wear body odor protection.

Why does urine get a sweet fruity odor?

It normally doesn't. This can be a sign of diabetes or other metabolic problem and you should have it checked by a doctor.

Difference between deodrant and body spray?

Deodorant reduces body odor by killing odor-causing bacteria, body spray just covers the smell.

Do hamsters have body odor?


Do huskys have body odors?

No. Huskys never have body odor.

What is the cure for body odor?

Keep the body washed often.