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What should you do about a body odor problem?

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July 21, 2015 6:56PM

In many cases the reeking has nothing to do with personal hygiene, neither with the daily washing routines nor with the usage of soap or deodorants. As a matter of fact, there are lots of people suffering from a commonly unknown disorder called bromhidrosis, an innocuous but distracting illness which causes a permanent and penetrative smell of sweat. The main cause of bromhidrosis is the bacterial flora of the skin. The main symptom of bromhidrosis is uncontrolled growth of special dermal bacteria. These bacteria assimilate the sweat on the skin, creating by-products like butanoic acid and formic acid which we recognize as the typical 'smell of sweat.'

It may also be from the genetic disease Trimethylaminuria, which causes bad body odor. This illness is commonly known as "TMAU-Syndrome". This is a condition that can be treated by your doctor. It's generally related to the chemistry in your body and sometimes by changing your diet can help, but visit your doctor and they can give you medications for this problem.