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What should you do about a ceiling that has peeling paint?

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It's a big job, but you can use a putty knife to get the loose paint off then 'rough sand' the rest of the ceiling and paint. Be sure the ceiling is even and if there are any dents from the paint peeling then you'll have to plaster those first, then 'rough sand.'

2007-08-31 10:01:28
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The brush should be small and you should tape the ceiling to protect it but otherwise the brush doesn't matter much.

Can you paint oil based paint over water based paint which had been peeling because it was painted over oil based paint?

You can but it wont last, you will have a bigger peeling mess.

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What kind of dried paint? What is under the paint on the ceiling? ....on the metal?

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What type of paint do you use to paint a ceiling?

High hiding Ceiling Paint, which is called such because it helps to hide any imperfections of the surace.

What to do with a painted outside door that is peeling?

scrape the peely paint off and then re-paint it

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Do you paint walls or ceilling first?

Most people who know how to paint would paint the walls first then the ceiling. This is because if you get paint on the ceiling by painting the walls it's easier to cover up then having it drip on the walls.

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