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It sounds like the lateral pipes in your sand filter are broken or you have too much sand in the filter. When we first got our pool I vacuumed with the filter on backwash. I found sand settled in the steps when I turned it back on to filter. I was later told by my pool store that you vacuum on waste and then use rinse before turning back on to filter. That stopped my problem except for dirty feet getting into the pool! both previous answers are correct to a point. the laterals or stand pipe could be cracked or broken' vacume on filter and then when finised backwash well and then rinse for aprox. 30 to 40 seconds and then go back to filer. make sure you rinse before going back to filter. Don't forget to turn off the pump before rotating the back wash valve! K

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Q: What should you do about sand in your pool coming from your pump?
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How do you know when inground pool needs new sand in the pump?

Do not put sand in your pump. If the sand your are referring to is in your pool filter then it should be changed every 4 to 5 years.

Some sand in bottom of your pump from vacuuming pool above ground is this normal?

If you are getting sand coming into the pool and have a sand filter you may have to replace worn laterals in the sand filter.

Can use use a sand pump with a salt pool?

yes you can, the sand pump cleans the pool, making it look amazing!!

How much sand will a pool pump hold?

The amount of sand in a pool filtration system depends on its size.

How do I replace sand in a doughboy pool pump?

Buy the correct sand and ask the pool shop where you get the sand about a ventury sand sucker. These attach to the garden hose and will suck all of the old sand out of the unit.

How do you replace the sand in my pool filter?

Go to your pool shop and they will be able to supply you wit a Venturi pump these hook onto your garden hose and can suck the sand out of the sand filter.

How do you change the sand in an above ground swimming pool pump?

Swimming pool pumps do not use sand. You may have sand in your filter. The sand has to by removed by hand after taking th etop of the filter off.

Do you need chlorine with a sand filter for the pool?

wil i still use chlorine with a sand filter pump

What has gone wrong if there is Sand in filter?

Nothing if its a sand filter However if sand is coming into the pool from the filter then you may have to replace one ore more laterals in the sand filter as they have worn and are letting sand through to the pool,

Doughboy pool pump motor turns no pressure?

pump was ok until I cleaned mess in pool. after that lost pressure. Changed sand but no luck

Pool pump works on circulate but not on filteration?

THis indicates that the pump is struggling to push water through a dirty bed of sand when on filter. When on recirculate, the water bypasses the sand and flows through the valve back to the pool. Change your sand or run a cleaner through it.

How do you clean a pool if it has been neglected so long that the water is green and it has tadpoles living in it?

Pump out the pool. Pressure wash the pool interior, remove debris. Finish with an acid wash. Check all plumbing for damage etc. Change out the sand in the sand filter (if fitted) Clean all skimmers and leaf filters at the pump and the pool. Fill pool and adjust it chemically after 24hours with pump running.

How and how often should you clean the strainer basket that sits next to the sand filter?

If you live in a windy area or have debris getting into your pool then you should check the pump basket at least once per week or after you have vaced the pool.

Converting de filter to sand filter?

This is fairly easily achieved change over. All you have to do is change piping coming from the pump and to the pool to fit into the new filtration system.

What size pump for a 5000 gal pool?

i also use a 5000 gallon pool above ground and i use a 1 1/2hp pump. with a sand filter.

Why valve control on sand pump wont move despite pump being on?

The pump should be of when moving the sand filter control

What causes sand to back up in pool through the jets when the pump is running?

If you are getting sand blowing into the pool through the returns You have a problem with the radials in the sand filter. this will require removing the multiport system from the top of the unit . removing the sand, and replacing the worn radials. Get advice from your pool shop.

After fixing the sand filter how do you remove the sand that got into the inground pool?

Just vacuum it up with a pool vacuum. A: hummmm, you should not have gotten sand in the pool. If after you vac the pool and you are still getting sand back to the pool then you have a broken lateral that needs to be replaced. You may also have inadvertently poured sand down the standpipe ~ that should have been covered or plugged with a temp cap before you added sand to the filter tank. Just vac that up and you should be OK. k

To fill the inside of pool steps should you use sand or water?


What kind of skimmer should be used with an 18 ft X 48 inch round above-ground swimming pool if the pump being used is a Meteor 21 sand filter system?

Firstly, the pump is not a sand filter system. The pump is the one with the motor attached and it pumps water not sand. The large round tank is the "sand" filter. You would have to find a skimmer made for vinyl pools with gaskets. It attaches to the wall of the pool and is seen "hanging" from the outside of the pool. The type of pool and equipment have no factor in choosing a skimmer. another good way to go is the Dragonfly Super skimmer this is a floating pool skimmer and only requires a hose to connect it to suction

What size swimming pool pump and sand filter will you need for a koi pool 13000 gallons with 15 koi 24 inches long?

A small sand filter 40-60 sq ft. and a small pump 3/4 HP

My pool water is cloudy but the pump pressure is 10?

call the pool peoples normal pump pressure is usually around 20psi your pump may be to small.depends on the volume of your pool and the size of your sand should tell you on your sand filter. also your flow rate should be checked.normally 80 gpm. if you go to your local pool company they are more than happy to inform you. do not buy cheap products!!! ask for bio cl it will clear your water. be patient with took time to become cloudy it takes time to heal the wound. take a sample of water with you to the pool is free to evaluate. gl

What to do if sand is in the pool?

Well i have a pool myself, and sand is not wanted in it. The rocks in it can puncture the liner (if it has a liner). You should vacuum it out with a pool vacuum. Hope i helped

With above ground sand pool filters when you need to vacuum should the pump be on filter position or vacuum to waste?

It should be on filter and don't forget to backwash at least once a week.

Should you see sand in the backwash water when you backwash your pool?

no... you should call a professional to come inspect your pool