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What should you do and is there a problem if you stubbed your toe 6 months ago and it is still puffed up but it is not broken?



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For as small as they are, toes sure cause a lot of pain and problems! They stick out, get run into furniture, hurt like crazy when not even broken, and even if they are broken they can't be put in a cast!

When a toe is first injured, broken or not, there is no point in going to an E.R. (because they cannot put it in a cast anyway!). (If twisted during a fall, consult a doctor.) But generally, instead, get a piece of masking tape (brown paper tape) and LOOSELY tape the injured toe to the next toe. Do NOT make the tape tight-- you should be able to slightly wiggle the good toe as a unit with the hurt toe even with it taped. If it later feels too tight, LOOSEN the tape; swelling can make the tape even tighter. If the toe begins to feel numb, have pins and needles, or swells more, the tape is TOO tight. Reapply new tape every few days. Try to stay off it when home, elevate it on a pillow, and apply ice several times a day.

A broken toe is healed within 4 to 6 weeks. A sprained toe or a healed broken toe may still have swelling and pain months later. Apply ice and stay off of it, while keeping it elevated on a pillow, when at home. Doctors will tell you the same thing, so no need to spend money for a visit to Dr or E.R. or for an X-Ray (Note: If you got hurt nearer to your ankle or on top or bottom of the foot, that is different; see a doctor.) If you previously had arthritis or gout, see a doctor. But otherwise, ice, elevation, and rest are the 3 best things for toe pains. You can take the recommended amount of an over the counter pain medicine, but parents should be careful if the child is under 12 yrs (consult your doctor).

Always wear shoes even when at home to avoid stubbing a toe. Be careful when wearing flip flops or shoes without toe covering or strapless shoes at the heels.