What should you do at a sleepover?

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What should you do at your sleepover party?

Have fun!

What should you wear when going to a sleepover at daytime?


How late should you stay up at a sleepover?

6:00 AM !!!!!!!!!!!!!

My boyfriend is going to sleepover were 16 what should we do at the sleepover?

Play lots of kissing games. . .like 7 minutes in heaven. . .just the two of you. ;-)

How do you ask if your friend can sleepover?

Hey friend can you have a sleepover with me?

How do you scare someone at a sleepover?

just look at them, your face should do the trick.

What do you do at a sleepover with your ant?

what do you do with your ant at her sleepover

How do you get to go to a sleepover?

First you have to be invited by the person who is hosting the sleepover. Once you have been invited you should ask your parents for permission to attend. It is then their decision as to whether you attend or not.

What theme is better swimming or sleepover?


What part of speech is sleepover?

Sleepover is a noun.

What should you do at a sleepover party?

Well you can do there nails and there hair and you can do a fake fashion show

If you want a sleepover twilight party what should you do?

watch twilight have a twilight quiz :)

Where to go when you have a sleepover?

Usually when you have a sleepover people have them at their house.

What food can you have at a sleepover?

For a sleepover pizza is always a good one.

How old do you have to be to have a sleepover?

Parents 9 is the best age to have a sleepover.

What is the movie sleepover rated?

The movie sleepover is rated PG.

When was Sleepover released?

Sleepover was released on 07/09/2004.

What was the Production Budget for Sleepover?

The Production Budget for Sleepover was $10,000,000.

What is the ISBN of The Scary Sleepover?

The ISBN of The Scary Sleepover is 073581712X.

Who plays alana in the sleepover club?

Ashleigh Brewer plays Alana in the sleepover club. Is there a fan site for the sleepover club?

What is another name for a sleepover?

slumber party is another name for sleepover

How do you spell sleepover?

That is the correct spelling of "sleepover" (overnight visit by friends).

How many pages does The Scary Sleepover have?

The Scary Sleepover has 24 pages.

What should you take to a sleepover?

sleeping bag, toothbrush, hairbrush, nightclothes, outfit for next day

Should you let your kid go to a boy girl sleepover?

not at all Answer If they let you stay there, too.