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Just be patient, no point to get hurry. You can't hurry love. Wait and see his behavior, focus yourself and get your life moving on. If he is not doing anything at all over a period of time, kindly ask him, find out the answer, then either go for it or moving on. Be patient.

AnswerWait and see if ur feelings a mutual so pls, just wait and give ur self time to think abotu this whole ordial not that you shouldn't do anything about,but just do wut im telling you to wait and see if u still like himafter a while
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Should you ask a guy out even though you think you like him and you think he still likes you?

You know what, if you feel like it, go for it girl! This is your love life and no one can stop you from doing anything! ;)

What should you do if you like a guy and people say he likes you?

Dont do anything until you find out if he actually does like you.

Is Phineas old enough to build anything?

yes he is .He is just a cartoon kid who just likes to build. So if u have interst in anything then u can build or do in any categorized thing u like like doing. because Phineas likes to build he can build anything.

What should you do if a boy likes you?

First, you should ask yourself if you like him, after if you like him you should start knowing him by doing something with him and after you could go on a date with him ;) Good Luck

What does it mean when your brother loves to act like an Indian?

If your brother likes to act like an Indian, it does not mean anything. All they are doing is being funny. Nothing to be worried about.

Is it true that when a guy looks at you and he looks down he likes you?

he is embarrased and likes u but is to shy to do anything. from my opinion if u like him u should go for the move

What should you look like to get a boy to like you?

You shouldn't have to look like anything. If a boy truly likes you than he should like you from your personality. Just be youself! :) That is what I did and I got the boy that I liked to like me back!!

What should you talk about when your first calling a girl you like?

Be yourself and just say "Hey *name* how you doing? Are you doing anything" Why would she say no? If she does something is really wrong with you. be yourself, talk to her about how her day went, how she is and how her life is going, ask what she likes and just get to know her more.

What should you talk about you and your 6th grade friend are friends again and you are writing letters to each other?

well you can talk about say anything rilly....like about school or something he may be interested in like sports for instance. or you can talk about what he likes doing for fun.now if you like the guy you can ask him what kind of things he likes about you and ask him what can you do to be a better friend towards him......

What does Olly Murs like doing?

he likes singing and he also likes playing football

If you like a guy but you think he doesn't like you should you tell him you like him?

Of course you should! You only live once and there is nothing worse then no doing anything and regreting it later.

How do you use 'likes' and 'like'?

likes is simple tense verb form in agreement with pronouns to : he,she, it (name of anything) eg; He likes to play,She likes to dance,It likes to jump.like is used with singular pronouns such as: I ,you, (I like fruits) and plural pronouns: They,WeLike means to prefer -I like...similar- He is like..Likes means feature/behaviour- likes of....

What do you do when a guy likes you and you dont like him but you like this other dude that possibly likes you?

You should tell the guy who likes you that you don't like him, but not until you ask the guy who you like if he likes you.

Food miley cyurs likes?

she likes alot of foods but doesnt like anything green

Do Black guys like Greek women?

It won't matter if you are Greek or anything if he likes you then he likes you.

How do you use like and likes?

'like' should be used when speaking as a first person. Eg : I like to see movies 'likes' should be used when speaking about second person. Eg: ram likes peacock, they likes fruits...

Theres this guy you like how do you know if he likes you?

If he's doing or watching something he likes and he looks at you more then five times he likes you.

If a girl lookes at you smiles and turns away in one second and keeps doing it again does this mean she likes you?

i think that she likes you alot you should ask her to go have some coffe or see a movie she oviously likes you and i see you like her to :)

If a guy knows you like him how can you tell if he likes you back?

If a guy likes you then when he is sitting down his feet will be pointed to you but his body will not! if he really likes you he will stop what he is doing to talk to you! if he does all these things then you should ask him out! just ask him if he wants to hang out!

What should you do if you might like your best friend and you think he likes you back?

Tell them you like them. If they like you then date them. If not then just resume being friends and pretend you never said anything.

How should I ask a girl that I like out?

If you like this girl, you should figure out what she likes and what she's into. Surprise her with some flowers and ask what she's doing this weekend. It never hurts to go the extra mile when asking a girl you like out.

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