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== As soon as your mouse is beginning to eat solid food, start to provide it with extra nutritious foods in addition to regular mouse food. Try a little bit of scrambled egg, tiny scraps of chicken, oily fish, porridge, and if you can afford to buy some, try substitute animal's milk, the kind used to feed orphaned baby animals. It's full of nutrition! Make sure the little thing is not being bullied by it's stronger siblings too!

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Where does mouse live?

Mickey mouse lives in my TV.

A mouse lives in a?

A house

What star lives in Orlando . Florida?

Mickey Mouse lives in Florida. Minnie Mouse and Goofy do, too.

Can a polar bear and a mouse live in the same biome?

no because bear lives in cold and a mouse lives in hot

What is a field mouse's scientific name?

A field mouse and a house mouse are both the same thing, except the field mouse lives in the field and the house mouse lives in homes. Their scientific name is mus musculus.

Where does Mickey Mouse live in programmes?

He lives in the mickey mouse club house

How often should you clean your mouse cage?

You should clean your mouse's cage every six days. Every other week or so, you should then do a full-cleaning, like washing the cage or the aquarium that your mouse lives in. If you use bleach, make sure it is watered down, so that the mouse does not get sick from the chemicals.

Is eyes slowly a verb?

Eyes slowly is actually two parts of speech. The word "eyes" is a verb, while the word "slowly" is an adverb, a word describing the verb. The word 'eyes' is also a plural noun; for example:Noun: The cat's eyes slowly followed the mouse before pouncing.Verb: The cat eyes the mouse slowlybefore pouncing.

What should I do for my pet mouse that has an injured tail?

It depends how injured it is. My mouse had part of its tail cut, the part simply died off slowly, and a shorter stubby tail developed. The problem will be probably fixed over time but take the mouse to vet asap just incase.

Where does a deer mouse live?

it lives in forests

Where lives the mouse?

i know it! it"s houses

What is a mouse home called?

A mouse lives in a hole

Where does Minnie Mouse live?

Minnie mouse and mickey mouse lives at Disney land.

What are some adaptation of deer mouse?

lives in trees

How long does a bumblebee bat lives up to?

i think the bumblebee bat lives longer than the pygmy mouse lives longer

Where do a field mouse lives?

Field mouses live in field ..

Should you get a mouse or dwarf hamster?

I think a dwrf mouse

If your pet mouse is cold and it is moving slowly and breathing fast is it okay?

go to a vet. it is abnormal.

Why is your pet mouse cold and moving slowly and kind off shaking?

because it is going to die

What should you do if your pet mouse has blood in its stool?

Take your mouse to the vet.

Should you buy a mouse or a rat?

A mouse is smaller and live up to 3 years, but not as smelly as rats. A rat is bigger and lives up to 5 years, but smellier than mice. If you can't get used to a new smell, you shouldn't get neither.

Where do house mice live?

A HOUSE mouse lives in.....Houses and gardens!

What famous person lives in Denmark?

mickey mouse club house

Where does the Alabama Beach Mouse live?

Lives along the coast of Alabama

What is a church mouse?

A mouse that lives inside a church. They are supposed to be quite poor because there's not a lot of food inside a church.