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Try reading the information on the bottle. The stuff there might say something about that. They'll usually say to immediately rinse out with water.

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Is it ok to use rubbing alcohol to clean plastic lenses for eye glasses?

Yes alcohol is fine, but do not use Acetone as it will eat through the plastic

Which piece of safety equipment should you use if accidentally you splash chemicals in your eye?

the eye wash

Will rubbing alcohol clean eye glasses?

F#ck ya it will...use a solution of 3 parts rubbing alcohol to one part water in a spray bottle and you have a kick a$$ eye glass cleaning solution. Just be sure to rinse your glasses under warm water before using the solution and buff with a lens cloth. Your $h1t will be clear as day.

What should you do if you accidentally burned your eye ball while curling your hair?


Can you get a black eye by rubbing your eyes?

in depends if your rubbing in something? if not you will probably wont get black eye

Why should you remove contact lenses while in a laboratory?

they can hold chemicals that accidentally splash into your eye next to your eye and cause permanent damage.

What do you do if you eye is really red?

You should probably visit the doctor and avoid touching things with your hands and then rubbing your eyes. It could just be a popped eye vessel or pink eye.

Can you use alcohol on a stye?

No, the alcohol can damage the surface of the eye. Instead, go to an eye doctor, and have her express the material from within the stye. It should then dry up and go away.

How can rubbing your eyes affect your sight?

There's link between eye rubbing and keratoconus is strengthening.

What should you do if rubbing alcohol accidently got in your eye?

wel first reALize that you got alchol n your eyes n want 2 flush the substance out. make sure 2 rinse 4 a good 15mins. and hopefully it doesnt cause permanent damage. and blindness if an adequate amont fell into the eye...);(;

Can alcohol in your eye make you blind?

In a first aid setting, you should not adminster any form of alcohol to the eye itself. While blindness is an conceivable result, so are other eye injuries. More often, when I see alcohol and blindness in the same sentence, it may have to do with failures in the distillation process while attempting to produce ethanol (grain alcohol -- aka Everclear), where methanol (or fusel oils) are accidentally produced. Human ingestion of methanol/fusel oils can cause neurological damage, including blindness. [[User:Cjonb|Cjonb]] 16:57, 3 Jun 2008 (UTC)

How do eyes get irritated?

By touching things then rubbing your eye.

When rubbing your eye to hard why does the white part of your eye swells up and turns red?

because you are irritating the eye

Tear duct in one eye is red and swollen?

it can be from rubbing your eye with force, maybe getting something in your eye, or allergies.

What should you place in your first aid kit during traveling in southern Egypt?

band aids, rubbing alcohol, elastic wrap, aspirin, cotton application, eye wash, adhesive tape, gloves, pocket sized blanket and other things you think you will need to be safe.

My hamster has a bloody eye what should i do?

All you have to do is get a Q-tip and wet it with some warm water and rub it over his/her eye and keep rubbing back and and front until it opens no need to take to vet

What part of the eye might be irritated by rubbing?

The inner part of the eyeball

How was Braille created?

when louis Braille was a kid he accidentally stabed his eye out

What happen if you Accidentally splited petrol in your eye?

Get emergency medical care

Can your eye turn red from you sleeping on it?

Only if it is open or you have been rubbing it excesively.

How alcohol effect to children?

As we know now a days teenagers are used to dink alcohol and are getting edited to druggist's causes heartproblems,cancer etc.. Parents should keep an eye on their children from getting used to alcohol.

Accidentally splashed in the eye with an acidic cleaning solution?

Rinse your eye with water for 15 minutes, preferably at an eye wash station. You need to hold your eye open while you are rinsing it.

What long term effect does alcohol have on your eyes?

Alcohol is known for its short term effects on a persons eye. Its long term effects are the coloring of the eye changing to yellow, and eye paralysis.

How do you give your self pink eye?

A pink eye is usually caused by bacteria in the eye, which can be caused by germs, such as rubbing your eyes with your hands or maybe an allergic reaction, such as chlorine.

Can drinking alcohol cause your eye to bleed?