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Before totally giving up on the relationship try sitting down and calmly communicate how much you care and ask what is wrong. If you have tried 3 or 4 times and getting no response from your mate, or, if they become angry and arguments start up when you bring this subject up, then you'll have to tell them you are leaving. Without communication in a relationship there is no relationship. Communication is everything. The person could be depressed, on medications that make them feel lethargic, "out of it", moody. They could have financial problems, or are just generally unhappy. We can't change what others feel, so if they aren't willing to work on the relationship and you've tried the best you could by communicating and offering help, it's time to move on. Good luck Marcy

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Q: What should you do if someone is rejecting you in a relationship?
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How do you get sims to stop rejecting you when you try to get romantic with them?

Both Sims must have a high enough relationship. To improve their relationship engage them in actions such as friendly hug, joke, gossip, or chat. Keep interacting with the Sim and they should eventually stop rejecting romantic actions.

How do you get over someone when you are in a relationship already?

I think you should be asking the question "should you be in a relationship with someone new if you aren't over someone old?" The answer to this one is "no".

How can we reject someone who proposed to us politely n positively?

If someone proposes to someone then one should think why does he/she wants to be with you. The decision fully lies in your hand whether to accept or reject. Accepting and rejecting both are difficult but while rejecting someone we should not see how does the person proposes but why does he/she does it. Both decisions are to be made by you and you will alone face the consequences so make it to be a good and reasonable decision. After all its your life. And after rejecting someone its not that you disconnect yourself from him/her but try to make the other person understand too.

How do you get someone that rejected you back for rejecting them?

You don't

Should you start a relationship with someone in jail?

starting a relationship with someone in jail is simply a stupid idea.

Does saying I am trying to talk about things with you but you will not listen so I think we should forget it sound like you are rejecting someone?

Yes, you sound like you are rejecting the person when you refuse to talk about things with a person especially any problems that may arise in a relationship. If one wants a good relationship they should have the respect to be interested enough to communicate with each other and talk out any problems they may have or, at the very least listen to what that person has to say. It is up to either partner to tell the other that communication is the most important thing in a relationship and if they are not willing to cooperate then the relationship may not turn out well.

What do you do if you fancy someone but their already going out with someone?

There is nothing you can do or should do. They are in a relationship with someone else and you should move on and focus your interest towards someone else that is single.

You always want to Kiss whenever you see a girl what should you do?

Get someone to talk to, build a friendship or relationship with someone. If you have a relationship let your feelings out.

Should you stay in your relationship?

So that you can have someone to love and have sex with

Should you be with someone if they have a child from their previous relationship?

i don't think sooo .. !

Should you have someone ask out your crush for you?

I did and now I'm a year into my relationship

Is liking someone cheating?

If you're in a relationship yes , if you have a bf/gf why should you be liking someone else ?

When might someone break the law to stand up for their religion?

rejecting abortion

How do we respond to God's revelation?

We Should Respond to gods revelation by :by living in relationship with godby obeying or disobeyingby accepting or rejectingby loving or hatingand being faithful or unfaithful to what he has been shown

If you start a relationship with someone over the net knowing they are with someone already would you consider that cheating?

i believe so.... a relationship should only be between two people...

How long does a bad relationship last?

Hopefully not very long because if it is a bad relationship someone should break it off; nobody should have to be miserable if they can do something about it.

How does someone approve a relationship request on facebook?

If they send it , it should come under like a friend request but it will say relationship. :)

Should I wait for my ex-girlfriend if she told me she thought she was ready for an relationship?

No. Move on and find someone who is ready for an relationship.

When should someone leave a relationship because of lies and secrets?

when they find out about it..... y?

How can you get your boyfriend to like you?

Usually if you're in a relationship with someone, they should ALREADY like you.

When should you move in with someone?

If you are in an emotional relationship with them or are moving into a flat with several people.

How long should you wait to marry someone if you were in a relationship with them before?

A few months.

How can you start this relationship?

Please start the relationship on the right foot by totally being honest about everyhting. Its always better to know from the person that it is about versus from someone that doesn't have a clue. You should always be with someone that you truly like or atleast have feelings for. You should NEVER be with someone out of pity.

Should you tell a girl how you feel if she is already in a relationship and people have given hints to her already but she either ignores them or does not believe them?

if someone is already in a relationship with someone else it is wrong to pursue them.

How do you tell someone you love them even if their in a relationship with someone else?

DON'T. You can either wait for them to brake up or to sabotage there relationship. I suggest you wait but both would work. you should move forward in your life leaving behind someone who is in a relationship with someone else.It's useless to express your feelings to someone at this moment,when you know the answer would be a NO.