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What should you do if the horn on a 1997 Plymouth Breeze will not shut off?

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AnswerI had this problem on my '98 Plymouth Breeze. You can pull the fuse/relay and it will stop the horn but the problem is a short located on the airbag/horn button on the steering column. The airbag has plastic washers that wear out over time and allows the short to occur. The fix is to disconnect the battery, pull the airbag off and replace the plastic washers. BE VERY CAREFUL SINCE AN AIRBAG IS LIKE A MINI EXPLOSIVE DEVICE.
2011-02-06 12:21:35
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Where is the horn fuse in 1997 Plymouth Breeze?

the horn fuse for the 97 Plymouth breeze is on the driverside of the dash. open the door and you will see a panel on the end of the dash. pull off the fuse is on the top row last yellow fuse (next to steering wheel).

How do you fix horn in 1999 Plymouth breeze?

You have to replace the fuse for it You have to replace the fuse for it

Where is the horn located under the hood on a 1998 Plymouth Breeze?

My horn on my Plymouth Breeze was under the front manifold of the car. Have a friend or family member get inside your car and honk the horn as you listen for it. I would advise wearing ear plugs though, unless your car horn doesn't work. If it is not working then look under the manifold in the grill slots, and also maybe underneath the manifold. I have seen them there before too.

Where is the horn and horn relay located on a 1996 Plymouth Breeze?

The horns are located under the passenger side head light behind the front bumper. You have to trace the wires back to the relay.

How do you fix the horn on a 1998 Plymouth Breeze when it blows and will not stop?

The horn is either damage or the ground wire going to the horn is grounding out on metal or another ground wire. Trace the ground wire. The horn contacks within your horn pad might be grounding out also.

Where is the horn located on a 1997 Plymouth Breeze?

I have a 1999 Plymouth Breeze. The fuses and horn relay switch is under the drivers dash. Open the drivers door and there is a panel that comes off. I replaced my relay switch and the fuse is good, but my horn still will go off by itself. So it was not the relay switch. Can't figure out what the problem is? The horn contact under the airbag has shorted due to the insulating washers breaking down, Remove airbag and replace collar washers. See my other post for detailed procedure. 10 Minute job if you have the replacement insulators in hand.

Where is the fuse for the horn on Plymouth neon?

there should be a fuse box on the left side of the engine compartment. there is a fuse and a horn module there.

What should you do to fix the horn on your 1997 Mercury Mountaineer?

replace it.

Why does The horn fuse blow on 1997 Plymouth voyager as soon as replaced?

There must be a short in the system somewhere that causes the fuse to blow.

Where is the fuse for horn in 1999 Plymouth breeze?

lift up the small black box cover in front of the driver side under the hood and pull out the middle "40" plastic piece

Fuse has been checked in a 97 Plymouth breeze for the horn what else can it be?

Try to operate the horn and listen for a click from the horn relay probably located under the hood. If you don't hear a click I would check out the horn switch contacts in the steering wheel. If you hear a click I would check for power at the horn using a test light. If you have power at the horn connection when horn switch is activated it is probably the horn itself that is bad. If you have no power at the horn connection when the horn switch is activated replace the horn relay.

Where is the horn at on a 1992 Plymouth laser?

on a 1993 dodge truck They should be right behind the front bumper

Where is the Horn for 1997 Pontiac Transport?

Where is Horn for 1997 Pontiac Transport?

Where is the horn located on a 1997 Kia Sephia?

where is the horn for a 1997 kia?

Where is the horn located under the hood of a 1995 Plymouth Acclaim?

It should be near the bottom of the front bumper on the inside if I remember correctly. Check behind the bumper where the fog lights are (if you have them), and you should see a bundle of wires. The horn should be right there.

Where is the horn button on a 1997 subaru impreza?

it should be on the centre of the steering wheel unless someone has put an after market steering wheel on without the horn.

Can you unplug the horn on a 1997 escort?

Yes, it can be unplugged at the horn.

When was Thomas Horn born?

Thomas Horn was born in 1997.

When did Fredrik Horn die?

Fredrik Horn died in 1997.

How do you fix the horn on a 1997 Acura Integra?

The horn on a 1997 Acura Integra uses one wire. When a horn stops working it is usually due to a bad fuse. To fix the horn replace the fuse labeled HORN.

Where is the horn relay on a 1973 Plymouth satellite?

The Horn Relay for a 1971 Plymouth satellite is in the fusebox driverside behind brake pedal it is part of the box and it is possible to replace it with any standard relay

How do you change the horn in a 1997 Dodge Neon Coupe?

the horn is in the drivers side wheel well. u have to remove the plastic cover and it should b right there

How do you dissconect horn on 1998 Plymouth Voyager?

I need to disconnect horn on 1198 Plymouth voyager. My wife to car to shop because would not stop they sain they dissonected horn but when she got home went on and off till she turn off car TY

Where is the horn relay located for a 1997 Mazda 323F?

The horn relay should be located on the fuse box under the dash. most of the horn relay's that I have seen are a big white fuse, if it isn't on the fuse box, check near the horn.

Where is the horn on a 2000 Plymouth Neon?

The horn on a 2000 Plymouth Neon is located at the front of the engine compartment near the headlights. It is trigger through a press of the steering wheel like most other vehicles.