What should you do if you are 17 and pregnant and the father left you?


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He got you pregnant and you should not suffer alone. Get a lawyer...and get child support. No girl deserves this.

AnswerI know how you feel. Stay strong and raise that child. Get your familys support. AnswerYou only have 3 options: (1) have an abortion (2) have the baby and put it up for adoption (3) have the baby and keep it. You're going to have to choose one of those three. And that decision needs to be made *quickly* because whatever you do, you need medical attention, and that doesn't need to be delayed any longer then it already has been. No one can tell you which option to choose, but you need to fully understand the effects of whatever you choose. You need to think like a mature, responsible adult. Have a plan! You need to tell your parents. Should you choose option 2 that father is going to have to be brought back into the picture in order for him to sign that paperwork. Should you choose option 3, then that father needs to be brought back into the picture (by court action if necessary) because he needs to take some financial responsibility. AnswerDear Moms,

If you are 17 years of age and the father of the baby inside you left you then you should raise the kid on your own even though it can be tuff, You are the mother and you will love that child with everything and anything.



I find it amazing that in the 21st century women still don't know how there getting pregnant or how to avoid it. In century's past when that really was the case i find it ludicrous that women are still claiming that a man got them pregnant and they had no way to avoid it and now want a man to pay for it, hopefully a rich one. I think if you don't understand whats getting you pregnant or how to avoid it you are not intelligent enough to be having sex, keep your legs closed and get training.


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This is exactly what happened to my friend who got pregnant, accept she was 17 at the time. What you should do, to avoid any bad things happening, would not put him on the Birth Certificate, and wait until you're 18 to do it.

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