What should you do if you are having a baby at the age of 13?

Tell your parents. It's going to be hard to do, but it is the one single most important thing you can do. And the sooner you do it the better. They will help you make the decisions that are in front of you. Believe me, the worst part is to start talking, and then it gets easier and easier the more you talk. If you do not think that you can talk to your parents, then talk to another adult relative, minister-pastor-priest-rabbi, school nurse or psychologist, or go online and get information from Planned Parenthood. Another option for information is to go to an abortion clinic. I am not advocating getting an abortion, but clinics are a great source of information and can give you a referral to a counselor or other agency that can help you. Good luck! Answer wtf your doin wit a baby at 13 damn!!!!!thiiz world iz freakin goin 2 the dogs !!!! but i wish i can hav a baby>im 13 about to be 14< i kno how it feels but im just waiting till im 16,17 !!!