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What should you do if you are not at fault but somehow the police accident report said that you were?


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not final, you can contest the police�s report by hiring independent investigators. But, if the police say you were At Fault you probably were according to the traffice rules and regulations.


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Yes, you will need to report your accident to the police. You should report all accidents to the police, so that you can file a claim with your insurance.

The Accident report should provide vivid description of the incident with timing, location along with a handwritten sketch,corroborating with the Police Report and Surveyor's Report.

If the accident was reported to the police at the time it occurred, I believe a report can be filed, although it should have been filed ASAP. Check with your insurance company and state regulations.

DMV always says when you have an accident you should report it, if the accident is over a certain amount of money. I say consider it well before you do, make sure it is a real incident worth notifying dmv,police etc. because it will appear on your record, and the burden of proof will be on you, even if the accident wasnt your fault.

it should be on the report somewhere around the drivers information.....if it is in code, then you should've received a copy of the key to the code if not contact the police dept .... or the officer directly.....who wrote the report

An auto accident claim should be filed after the accident happened. Be sure to have a police report and the other parties insurance information before reporting your claim.

You should find evidence or witnesses from the accident to give proof (testify) that the accident was not your fault. You could also go to court...

Most insurance companies will instruct you to call them first when you have an accident, unless there are injuries. You should call the police to get an accident report.

The first thing you should do is call the police so they can respond to the site of the accident and write a report. They can also make certain everyone involved is licensed and insured.

report to the police within the shortest period,but within 24hours,in most countries...also have first aid

First, a report should be filed with the police about the car accident. Details and documentation of the accident are necessary for action. The auto insurance company of the participating party should be immediately notified and claims should be filed.

of course you should report an accident even if your car is damaged its almost like a hit and run.

The Police should have come to the scene of the accident. A Police report would be filled out and filed which would contain that information. If you didn't contact the Police and no report was filed, the only option you have is a lawsuit. Good luck.

Generally speaking, no. It usually takes at least a few days for the report to be completed so whatever you get at the scene of the accident won't be much. Whatever the insurance company got from the police, you should be able to get it too.

The report should contain the following answers how what when where

You should call the police regardless of whether or not the other person wants the police called, especially if there are any injuries. A police report will give you an official account of the accident to give to the insurance companies, will have all of the information about both parties and will help establish which company is responsible for the repair and any medical costs. If the person leaves they may face additional problems and if the police do not come you can go to the local precinct and fill out a report there.

Depending on the jurisdiction police administrators will keep a record of police reports on any and all accidents they report. The hard copies of these reports may be archived in an electronic format. But, if you know the approximate date of your accident and the location you should be able to get a copy of the police report.

The car drectly behind you who hit you. The police report will assign fault. If you are not at fault, the person who is will be responsible for the damage. Get a copy of the police report from the investigating agency and give it to your insurance agent. Thay should take it from there.

Liablity decisions are not based solely on the police report. Your insurance adjuster should investigate every aspect of the loss. If you want to provide details of the accident perhaps I could assist you with this. In short, how you prove fifty percent, is just that you (your adjuster) must prove that the other party contributed to this accident. Just because the police report says 100% does not mean that the claim will be settled that way.

You should file a police report immediately and ask for help in pressing criminal charges.You should file a police report immediately and ask for help in pressing criminal charges.You should file a police report immediately and ask for help in pressing criminal charges.You should file a police report immediately and ask for help in pressing criminal charges.

If any injuries are involved, the police should be called. Also, either driver has the right to call the police so an accident report can be written. If there is no damage, one is probably better not calling the police, as the accident may be reported to your insurance company.

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