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Q: What should you do if you are on the Nuva ring and your periods come too early?
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How do you get your periods as soon as possible?

Periods come natural and there is no way to make them speed up or come early.

Is it possible to skip a period immediately after having stop the use of the nuva ring?

After you take out your last Nuva Ring, you'll probably have your usual withdrawal bleeding. After that, your next period will probably come in 4-6 weeks, if you were regular prior to using Nuva Ring. If your periods were irregular before the ring, they'll probably return to their irregular habit after you stop the ring.

Will your period come back on if you don't put your nuva ring in?

yes it will.

When do you get your period after stopping NuvaRing?

After stopping Nuva Ring, you'll probably have your usual withdrwal bleeding. In some women, it's just a little spotting, possibly so little that the don't even notice. After that, your next period is likely to come in four to six weeks, if your periods were regular before Nuva Ring. If they were irregular before, they will probably resume their irregular habit.

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If you started nuva ring 2 days ago are supposed to get your period next week should you leave nuva ring in for the full 3 weeks or take it out next week and let your period come at the normal time?

You leave it in for the 3 weeks. Your cycle will adjust over time.

Is it normal to have sore and heavy breast 3weeks before your period is supposed to come?

These signs of the breast ,are well into your early pregnancy, not if your periods is supposed to come.

I used the NuvaRing and then stopped But still used condoms now i haven't gotten my period what are the chances i am pregnant?

Like any hormonal birth control method, Nuva Ring is likely to cause lighter flow and shorter periods than you had before you started on it. Sometimes, on Nuva Ring, the flow gets so light that you don't notice anything at all. That is normal, and there's no need for concern if you used the ring correctly last month. You can take a pregnancy test if you're concerned, though. After the first withdrawal bleed following stopping Nuva Ring, the next period will probably come 4-6 weeks later if your periods were regular before you started Nuva Ring. If they were irregular before, they'll probably go back to their irregular pattern.

Should your period come after implantation?

no not normally, although periods during pregnancy does happen.

What does it mean when a female urine is clear but her period has come on early?

There's no relation to urine and menstruation.A females urine is supposed to be clear, and periods can start early.

If you take out the nuva ring a week before your supposed to does that make your period come earlier?

It may. If you take it out early, be sure to use a back up method of birth control, like condoms or abstinence from vaginal sex.

You are still a vigrin and you havent come on your period yet and im 6 days lateS?

periods are annoying things sometimes and just come late or early for no good reason. Stress and sudden weight loss or gain can also attribute to loss of periods.

Can yeast infections cause periods to come early or bleeding?

Yes. They can also cause complications that include sterility. See your gynecologist.

Your periods were due on 16th oct To delay your periods you took primolut-n and got your periods on 20th Oct This month you got your periods on 11th Nov Is that ok or something to worry about?

It's fine,periods can come a few days early or a few days later.You may want to ask your doctor about it just in case though.

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What should girls eat to get periods?

You don't eat nothing to get your period. Your period will come at the right time

What can cause early periods?

For some girls, their periods will come sooner when they have been hella stressed out for awhile. Teenage girls' periods are typically changing, meaning that your period may be 28 days apart, then the next time its 20 days apart. it's perfectly normal

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Periods did not come on the date what shall you do to get it?

you should wait a couple of days, then see if you are pregnant. if your not it might be because of a medicine your taking or you should then see a doctor

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Can thrush cause your period to come early?

I'm not sure, but I do have thrush and twice now, my period has come early. I will ask my practitioner, and you should do the same. Keep us posted!

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