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See a mental health professional.

If it's severe, the first option would be to seek professional help. Try therapy. If you are still in school, talk to the counsellor there. If therapy isn't an option, or it doesn't help, try reading the tips I posted for the question discussion for 'how can you deal with depression' I basically explained the following in more detail and gave you examples from my own experiences: - Find someone to talk to that will listen. (a trusted friend, or even just someone online) - Exercise. - Find an outlet (writing/drawing/Photography/poetry/sport etc) - Think positively (keep a journal?). - Live life day by day. And keep smiling.

you should talk to you family about it

See a doctor and get some anti-depressant medication.

when we are alone we should tell our loved one that you r upset and if u don't hav any one of ur yype disscuss it with your self.because no one is best else then your self .discuss withyouself that why you r so depressed...if this idea is not successfull then gaze look at the flowing water.water sound will also help you out you see you will b all right........and be your true lover and you will be happy ever after.

We are not suppose to give our opinions in here as per moderator, so I will tell you what I have heard. Mental disorders develop for many reasons. One reason most people are depressed is because their lives have no spiritual enlightenment. Another because of a medical imbalance in their bodily system.

For me, Jesus Christ took away many of my mental and physical health symptoms years ago.

Talk to your doctor about medication, there are some effective treatments availabel for depression. See a counsellor, and try to find a support group.

You may have depression, but you don't have to let it have you. Depression can't be cured, but itcan be beaten; I did it, and so can you.

Good Luck and God Bless

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Q: What should you do if you are severely depressed?
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