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What should you do if you are working with a co-worker on a project with a tight deadline and your co-worker appears distracted and upset and the two of you are making little progress working together?

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2007-07-28 23:15:27

This has happened to me when I have tried to work on a project

with someone who is demanding, a speed demon, perfectionistic,

emotional and who blames me for things that go wrong. Your sense of

urgency may not always match hers. You might want to hold a short

meeting of the minds and, without being judgemental, find the best

way to empower the both of you so that the project can be finished.

Assign tasks, milestones, time for review and try to treat each

other with respect and kindness. In the end, the completed project

will speak well for each of you and hopefully you will have learned

something about yourself.

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