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I would say if you have not heard from him for three weeks, that he is using you and things are not sorted out. Be strong and find someone that won't leave you hanging for that long.

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How are living things sorted?

Living things are sorted intio species

What should you do if you cheated on your boyfriend with your ex?

First off, tell your boyfriend. Second, you need to think about if you still want to be with your boyfriend and get things straightened out between you two.

What you should keep between just you and your boyfriend and what should you share with friends?

ANSWERWhat you should definitely keep with your boyfriend are the personal things you guys do together alone. However, if you really trust your friends there shouldn't be a problem talking to them about your relationship with your boyfriend. Make sure your boyfriend is cool with it or you'll have problems. Good luck with your relationship

What things should you do to be silly and fun with your boyfriend?

have sex

What does it mean when a woman tells this to her boyfriend This doesn't change anything between us?

It means that she doesnt want things to be akward between her and her boyfriend.

What do you do when a Boyfriend brings up things he should not to a girlfriend?

Ask Him Why He Did

What NAUGHTY things a girl should say to her boyfriend?

you smell

Who is Frankie stein boyfriend from Monster High?

Jackson/Holt Later On In The Series You Find Out That They Are Actually The Same Person She Then Puts Their Relation Ship On Hold Until Things Get Sorted Out.

What to do with your first boyfriend?

You should take things slow. Hold his hand.

Should you throw awy things your boyfriend gives when you break up?


What are some things my boyfriend and i should talk about?

Absolutely anything that interests you.

How is recycled trash sorted?

Most recyclable are sorted at the source. This means that the person throwing things away sorts the recyclables.

What do you do with your boyfriend for you first date?

Well I thing you should take things slow

What should you do if you want a boyfriend at the age of 14 which you do not believe is correct but cannot help it?

Probably a lot of things that you definitely should not do. No one at the age of 14 needs a boyfriend and you can help it.

Should you be able to kiss your boyfriend?

Yes you should and can kiss your boyfriend thats one of the things couples always do. Odd are he wants to kiss you to so just kiss him already

What to do if your mom hates your boyfriend?

You could carelessNO! you dont stop caring, just yell at your mom, list things WHY she SHOULD like your boyfriend, or you can secretly date your boyfriend, with out her knowing=

Should you call your boyfriend after not speaking for 2 days because of an argument?

yes, because that's still your boyfriend... try to fix things.

What does it mean if a girl tells you things that she should be telling her boyfriend?

It mean's, she trust's you more than she trust's her boyfriend, or because she is shy around her boyfriend and she doesn't know how he'll react.

Boyfriend talks to ex girlfriend?

Usually, this isn't a problem as they may be friends still. If you have any worries you should probably discuss things with your boyfriend.

What do you do if your x-boyfriend is still in love with you but there were things about him you didnt like should you still date him?

No just date the things you like about him.

Things to turn your boyfriend on?

Men tend to be simple, simply taking clothes off should do it.

How do you breakup with a boyfriend who has no job and no where to go and he won't leave?

just tell him the reasons that bother you a lot. Talk and get those things sorted out. Maybe he improves on those things and relationship gets saved.

What is 7 things about?

It is about the seven things she hates about her boyfriend and why she doesn't like him anymore but then suddenly changes to why she does like him. It's about the seven things she hates about her boyfriend. It's about the seven things she hates about her boyfriend.

Should you get my boyfriend clothes?

I don't think a boyfriend would want clothes of all things to get from a girlfriend. They don't really seem to care about that kind of thing... :)

What if you don't like certain things about your boyfriend should we break up?

better to break up than to try and change your boyfriend. Everbody has there own character.