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If you're dizzy or suddenly sleepy, you should see a doctore as you might have a concussion. Otherwise, keep ice on it, take some aspirin and wait to heal.

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What could cause a cat to have a swollen front paw?

A cat's front paw can become swollen due to an insect bite, a foreign body injury, nail overgrowth, sprains, fractures and dislocations, or lacerations. When a cat's paw is swollen, it is a major concern and should be looked at by a vet.

What do you call the fleshy growth on the front of a turkeys head?

Comb or wattle .

What do you do if a German Shepard puppy front leg is spraned or swollen?

try to find a way to keep weight off of the front legs

What does banged mean?

That is what people of German decent living in Iowa and the front range of Colorado do to their sheep so the sheep stay aware of attack from behind

If a hamster only has one front tooth will it be ok? will. My hamster has a swollen lip and half of an ear!

How do you say breast in Chinese?

* the front part of the trunk from the neck to the abdomen * either of two soft fleshy milk-secreting glandular organs on the chest of a woman

What is an internal lump in front of the left ear?

Sounds like swollen glands but good idea to get your doctor to check it out.

What is capillaritis and what can you do for it?

Raised rash on front of the shin of a leg, itchy, spreads makes leg swollen. Doctor called it capillaritis.

What is the thing on a roosters neck called?

CombAnswerGIGLONo, the comb is the fleshy structure on top of their head (there are several different types, not just the normal type, which is called a 'single comb'). I think the questioner was asking about the 2 fleshy flaps of skin which hang under the beak, down the front of the neck. These are called 'wattles'.

How do you you treat swollen painful lymph node in front of the ear?

If it is a lymph node that is swollen and painful, you should see a doctor to have it diagnosed and treated. Sometimes the salivary glands can be painful and swollen in front of the ear if the duct that the saliva flows through to your mouth gets blocked. If it is only on one side, came on very suddenly and perhaps while you were eating, that might be the cause of the swelling. If so, sometimes you can wash out the plug by eating something very sour to make lots of saliva flow through the saliva duct, such as sucking on a lemon. If that does not quickly resolve the problem, then definitely seek medical attention, swollen lymph nodes can indicate infection and other disorders that need to be treated without delay.

What is the medical term meaning palate?

The medical term is Palate. It can be the Hard palate the bony part in front, or the fleshy part called the Soft palate, which lies behind the hard palate.

Why would a cat be sensitive under its front legs?

There is no specific condition that makes cats sensitive under their front legs. The cat may have arthritis in the shoulders or front legs, it could have swollen lymph nodes, or it may have hurt its spine or neck.

How should you behave in front of your crush?

Don't act in front of him/her if they don't like you for who you are then why should you care for them?

When you are talking about the front or back of the overhead console is the front the front of the van or the back?

Front should refer to the side closest to the headlight end of the vehicle.Front should refer to the side closest to the headlight end of the vehicle.

Your Doberman front right leg is swollen from the elbow down to the foot 4 times bigger what could it be please help?

They only answer to that is go to your vet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A lady has tender swollen glands along left side of front of neck and bandage on left cheek that is not fully hiding a large infected cut Exactly what are her swollen glands how they became swollen?

they have become infected due to how bad the cut was. Please take this lady to the hospital and get some antibiotics for the infection, it will take 1 to 5 weeks depending on the seriousness of this wound.

How do angelfish catch their prey?

With a small fleshy lure dangling in front of its mouth to attract the prey, while the angler remains motionless. When the prey gets close enough the angler gulps it down quickly.

What should a front view look like?

front view

How old should you be to sit in front seat?

I think that you should be in sixth grade when you get to sit in the front seat.

How far away should the inspection sheet be from the front door of a restaurant?

It should be placed on the front door.

What is a saw shark's barbell made of?

Saw sharks have barbells, which are thin, fleshy, whisker-like organs on the lower jaw in front of the nostrils that sense touch and taste. Barbells help the shark locate their food.

If you are leading a horse should you stand in front of the horse?

Yes and no. You should be leading from the left side, slightly in front of the horse. The horse's front feet should track next to you and its head should be at or near your right shoulder. If you must walk in front of a horse, make sure its head is at your back so that its front feet won't trod on your heels.

What is a lump on the front lower left side of the neck that moves around if you force it in a direction?

Its difficult to say what this could be. It could be your lymph node is swollen and feels like it is palable but Im really not sure. One thing for certain however is that you should see your Doctor ASAP. Any lumps found should always be investigated.

Sore swollen neck mostly on the front left side your throat is not sore however you are also very tired What could cause this?

MY suggestion would be research mononucleolus. which I probably spelled wrong. I am no Dr, but I am researching causes tonite on an unsolved swelling throat myself. My throat is not painful just swollen. For a week the antiobiotics are finished and Its still swollen. My Doc asked me if i was tired after looking at me. I was tested for strep (neg) and mono (neg) But she did say mono causes a swollen throat and makes you sleepy so maybe that will help you.

Where is the horn on a 03 eclipse?

It should be behind the front bumper, in the front part of front left bumper.