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Explain to him the function of the rectum and how he could possibly cause internal damage by sticking foreign objects up there. I would also use the opportunity to discuss sexual issues if he is at the experimental/curious age.

However, inserting a sterile, lubricated tampon into the anus is generally harmless.

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Q: What should you do if you found your son trying to stuff a tampon up his rectum?
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What organ system does the rectum go with?

The rectum is found in the digestive system.

What cavity of the body is the rectum located?

The rectum is to be found in the lower part of the abdominal cavity.

What substance is found in the rectum?


Where can syphilis be found?

Syphilis can be found in the genitals, rectum, and mouth.

What body cavity is the rectum found?

The pelvic cavity contains the reproductive organs, bladder, and rectum.

Where is the Rectum found in the human body?

The rectum is at the end of the large intestine; just inside the anus.

Where is syphilis found?

Syphilis is found in the genital area, throat, and rectum.

What body cavity is the rectum found in?

The rectum is where faeces (poop) comes out, it isn't IN any body cavity.

What does rectum do in your body?

The rectum is found at the end of the large intestine, and connected to the outside opening, the anus. The rectum is the final holding place for feces. When the rectum is full, muscles start contracting to push waste out of the body.

What sustem does the rectum belongs to?

The rectum is found at the end of the digestive system, and is also considered part of the excretory system.

Where can lipids be found in the body?

it's located near your rectum

Where is the rectum found?

The rectum is the exit for fecal matter, (poo) and has two muscular sphincters. One automatic and one voluntary. If your friends tend to snicker about this, you should remind them that there are MORE than 50 sphincters in the human body and one of them is the mouth. :)

Where are the epithelial tissues found within the body?

The epithelial tissues are found inside the mouth, in the esophagus, and in the rectum.

Where is bacteria found in the digestive system?

everywhere starting from the mouth ending in the rectum

Where is Neisseria gonorrhea found in males?

Neisseria gonorrhea in males can be found in the urethra, rectum, and pharynx. At times, it can be found in the blood or joints as well.

If you have adenomyosis will there be pain when you insert a tampon?

Hey there. I have adenomyosis as well as endometriosis. Personally, I found that it hurts to insert a tampon, though I know someone with it that does not have that problem. I think it depends where your growths are. Also, if you're sexually active, if it hurts to have sex, chances are a tampon will hurt as well, given of course that a tampon is much smaller haha Hope this helps!

What organ or structure breaks down and neutralizes poisons?

Rectum *Found in the Digestive System.

Where in the human body will you find E coli?

mostly E coli will be found in the intestine and rectum

Where are the most cases of gonorrhea found?

penis,vagina,urethra,dark moist areas, mouth, and the rectum

Is it safe to put in a tampon before you have had your period?

Tampons should only be used while actively on your period. They should be removed every 4-6 hours and NEVER left in for more than 8 hours. This is because the folds of a tampon help house bacteria that is naturally found in our bodies. After 8 hours, those bacteria begin to reproduce quickly. This can lead to toxic shock syndrome, which is very serious. Furthermore, inserting a tampon when you are not on your period can lead to yeast infections and throw off your natural body chemistry in that region.

What would happen if a 6 year old boy finds a tampon?

Nothing would happen if a 6 year old boy finds a tampon, he is unlikely to know what it is. I'd hope a used tampon wouldn't be laying around and that if he found packaged tampons his mother or appropriate adult would explain to him what they are used for - in an age-appropriate way.

How put on a tampons?

First you want to get to know your body and know where to actually put a tampon in. once you found where to put it you want to put your pointer finger and your thump on the part of the tampon where its indented and its at the bottom of the big part of the tampon. Then angle in towards your back slightly but not straight towards your back. Start putting your tampon in and do it slowly to make sure its going in and it won't hurt. You wont feel anything, once your pointer finger and thumb touch your skin you take the bottom or skinny part of the tampon and push it up towards you until it huts the biggest part of the tampon thats inside you. Then you simply take the plastic part out and leave the actually tampon in. There will be a string that will be visible and that is supposed to happen. When you take it out you want to angle it away from you a little bit and down towards the floor, then just pull it out. You will feel pressure and it will be very weird but you get used to it. Don't go super slow while taking it out but dont rip it out of you.

You just found a tampon that was lost for five days Well four days agoy u fainted in the dr office after a bad reaction to a shot Was it really the tampon not theshothave concussion dizzy u fell?

A tampon left in for four days won't cause fainting. Many people have a vasovagal reaction to shots. That's the most likely explanation for your fainting.

How do you insert a tampon for the first time without it hurting?

Alright, I'm going to answer this because I am extremely happy I don't have to wear pads anymore and I just efficiently used my first tampon and I want to help others. First, make sure you know where your vagina is. Get the tampon opened and ready (after you washed your hands) and you HAVE to RELAX. Take a deep breath and let it out slowly and think of something happy and calm. To be honest, I tried the one leg on the toilet seat thing but it didn't work for me. I eventually ended up on my back on the floor with my legs spread out. Start feeling around with the tampon.. I know this sounds weird, but you'll understand why once you try. If you try putting the tampon in and it just "pops" back out, you haven't found the right hole. It happened to me. So feel around and aim the tampon back towards your waist a tiny bit and there should feel like ANOTHER hole in your vagina. If you find it the tampon slides right in really easily. I really hope this helps!!

Is the cow rectum vagina and urethra all in one?

No. You're thinking of the chicken or any type of bird that has this "feature," not cows. A cow's rectum is above the vulva, and the urethra and vagina is found in the vulva. The urethra is situated in the vagina but branches from the vagina to the kidneys. The entrance to the urethra is found in the first few inches of the cow's vagina.