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Talk to your girlfriend tell her what you've done and see what your relationship with her is left with some people can work it out after one has cheated and others can't if it doesn't you better at least learn to keep it in your pants after breaking your girlfriends heart don't let her find out any other way you be man enough to tell her what you've done she'll at least have some respect for you that way...

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Q: What should you do if you had an affair 6 months ago and the girl you had an affair with now threatens to tell your girlfriend all about it unless you leave her?
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Each individual is different when it comes to an emotional affair. It can last a couple of months to more than a year. The person having the emotional affair has to make the decision in their own lives. Ask themselves if the person they are having an emotional affair with has a mate or is married (that is a no-no) or does the person that is the target of the emotional affair care for the other person the same way. If the person is unattached and the person who is having the emotion affair with them should be communicating how they feel to this person.

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Then you should probably tell your son to break up with dont want that kind of person to be with your son, right?

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ANSWER:I think it depends on individual. Affairs can and will be complex and hurtful to people who's being cheated on. There are affairs that last years even months if the the married man is careful and smart. But there are also affair that only last months because it was discovered. It all depends.Another answer:Should? It should last less than 2 seconds, because one party is a scumbag and the other is being treated like dirt. As soon as the abused party gets tired of it, the affair will end.

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exactly what she knows about you remember you are to grow as one not on another

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be honest with her

What should you do if you're in love with a guy and he says he loves you too and you have been friends for 6 months but he has a girlfriend?

What you should do is realize that a year from now, you'll be in the girlfriend's shoes. While *you* are his girlfriend, he'll be telling someone else that he loves them.

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no. no affairs should be ignored. if he is having an affair with another women then that is unsuitable and should be resolved

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The man quarreled with his girlfriend over whether or not they should have children. He lost and nine months later, they have twins.

Should you break up with your girlfriend if you lasted 6 months with her?

well if you still like her alot then no. but if you don't then tell her your not attracted to her anymore

What should you do if your husband's emotional affair can't help you decide if you still want to stay married?

It is extremely difficult for a wife to even look at her husband on a day to day basis when she knows he has had an emotional affair with another woman and, also the wife can suspect the relationship went further. The best thing to do is put some space between you and your husband by going on a vacation with a girlfriend (or staying with a girlfriend or relative for a month) or separating from him for a few months so you give yourself enough peace to make a clear decision as to whether you want to stay with your husband or not.