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Banks and lending institutions buy out others companies and loans are sold all the time. Generally, you just keep making the payment like always and they will send you a new payment book.

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how to record capital lease entry?

Journal entry to record capital lease in books of accounts: [Debit] Asset under finance lease xxxx [Credit] Liability under finance lease xxxx And after that asset will be adjusted against depreciation while liability will be adjusted against lease payment till the end of term.

What is the importance of finance companies?

The flow of finance starts on Wall Street with the creation of capital used to fund business through the issuance of common stock to provide capital, bonds to lend capital and derivatives (packaged groups of securities that help to hedge against financial risk and replace the money banks lend out to borrowers). Public companies and municipalities use this capital to help fund their operations, and banks use it to lend to companies, municipalities and individuals to finance the purchase of goods and services.

Can a creditor's lawyer place a lien on a financed vehicle in the state of Texas?

When you signed the contract to finance the vehicle, the creditor put a lien on the vehicle. In the rare event that this was not done, it can be done later in some cases.Also, a creditor can place a lien on an already financedvehicle if there is more equity in the vehicle than the amount of the original loan. Generally, a creditor who obtains a judgment lien against you can arrange to place that lien against any property you own in order to satisfy the lien.

Is it against the law in Va to have a dog as a passenger on a motorcycle?

Yep it is

What is the difference between a running finance and a cash finance?

Cash finance is a term that means that the goods are pledged or released to the borrower against the cash payments only. The bank usually appoints a person who can be called a Care Taker for the goods and who reports to the bank after the release of goods. While the running finance is offered by the financial companies against the creation of charge on inventory or debtors which are of short term nature. The charge can be of any type say 1st charge, Ranking charge, pari pasu charge, etc. mortgages . It usually comes under the heading of the working capital finance.

What financing options are available for a swimming pool?

There are a range of ways to finance a swimming pool. It could be financed through an unsecured loan by using a credit card, a secured loan where the loan is secured against the buyers house or by the buyer releasing cash from their own investment funds.

Can you apply non-capital losses against dividend income?

No you cannot apply for non-capital losses against dividend income. Capital losses only offset capital gains up to 3K a year capital losses may be used against ordinary income.

How is Katniss Everdeen daring?

She was daring to go against the Capital. When she and Peeta attempted suicide, they were rebelling against the Capital.

Are you in favor capital punishment?

it depends. i am not against capital punishment per se, but I am against it as practiced. I feel as though the capital punishment system is highly inefficient.

How do you find out if there is a lien against a motorcycle?

call the tag office with the VIN

Can you use capital loss to offset dividend income?

ANSWER No capital loss can only be used to reduce any capital gain, and even in then there are rules. You can not use capital gain to offset against ordinary income. NB: Personal use capital loss can not be offset against any capital gain, losses on collectibles can only be offset against other collectibles capital gain and all "other" capital loss e.g. dividends, shares, real estate can be offset against "other" capital gain.

Who financed the fight against the revolutions in America?

Monetary support for the American Revolution came from the Netherlands, France and Spain.

What laws was James Madison against?

Laws that are financed in amounts not evenly divided by 20. Oops that's Jackson.

In the end how did Napoleon Bonaparte make use of the louisana purchase?

He financed the war against Great Britain which brought out in 1803.

How do you purchase a motorcycle in California that still has a lien against it?

You won't be able to change the registration until whomever holds the lien signs off on the vehicle title. You may be able to assume the loan, but nevertheless will still have to qualify and most likely re-finance the original loan.

Are hindus against capital punisment?


if a Chase banker offered to sell you a truck with 20000 dollars down pymt said the rest would be financed but then said he personally would finance the truckis that against co policy?

I'm sure it's still through the bank & he is just the loan officer, but someone would actually have to see the paperwork to tell you if they did anything inappropriate or if anything syuspicious is in there. If he (she) is finance officer at a bank, I doubt they did anything illegal, but that's a whopper of a down payment.

Why you are against capital punishment?

i personally am against capital punishment mainly because of the executions of the innocent, people who were wrongly accused and killed but only found innocent once they were dead. An example of this is the case of derek bentley. there are many other arguments against capital punishment, you can see these on the bbc ethics issues on capital puhnishment.

What is the value of capital punishment?

Since I am against capital punishment, I don't see that it has any value.

What are motorcycle chaps used for?

Motorcycle chaps are used to provide protection to the legs of a rider. They protect against the cold and wind as well as general protection in the event of a fall or accident.

Why would members of Congress vote against campaign finance reform?

Members of Congress vote against campaign finance reform because it negatively affects their campaigns. The current law are very advantageous to those with the right fundraising contacts.

Is it against the law to strap a bodyboard to a motorbike?

check the DMV website for local motorcycle laws

What is hunger games Mockingjay about?

The revolution against the capital.

If a car is financed in Texas and repossessed in Kentucky can the lender garnish your wages in Kentucky?

If a garnishment has been ruled against you in a judgment it can be collected no matter where you are.

How do you find out if the Motorcycle you are buying is stolen?

If the Motorcycle is local you could try the local police, but chances are that stolen motorcycles are shipped interstate. You need to get the VIN from the motorcycle frame and get a report on this which will tell you what information is stored against this motorcycle. Look for other clues from the seller, are they too keen to sell, is the price too cheap?