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Well, you have a couple of ways to go to cure this. The first way is to post a question on a chatroom, but you tried that, and it hasn't cured it. As a last resort, you could try going to a doctor. I believe they have better things than leeches and hot cups for curing things. Now, because you think I am poking fun at you because you do not have medical coverage and thus think you can't see a doctor, most towns have a clinic that charges on a sliding scale based on what you can pay. If you can pay nothing you pay nothing. These clinics are often affiliated with the local hospital, so that might be a good place to start. MOst hospitals are stocked with eager volunteers who know of these places. If all else fails, of course, you go to the hospital. I suppose some are totally for profit enterprises, but both our hospitals have big plaques right in the lobby that say you have the right to be treated regardless of whether you can pay or not. So be treated, and get well. Good Luck Phil Colitis is not contagious. You have nothing to worry about.

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Q: What should you do if you have been exposed to someone who has colitis and did not know it and now you find out that it is contagious?
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Should children stay away from someone with shingles?

No. It is not contagious.

What foods should i avoid with colitis?

I am not sure which foods you should aviod with colitis. I have never known anyone who actually has colitis. You should contact your local doctor to avoid with colitis

What are foods someone with colitis should avoid?

You should avoid any foods high in fats and salts. These help break down the acids that cause colitis. Remember to always use laxatives after every meal.

Can you get strep throat from someone who has been exposed to someone who has strep throat?

you should contact your dr ..

Is septicemia contagious?

Septicemia is not contagious. It is an infection, therefore it is not "contagious." Although, If you get septicemia because of a wound then others should be careful around the wound. It is possible I guess that someone else could get it, but they would really have to be in contact with you.

Is okra okay with colitis?

There are no dietary restrictions for colitis. Some people benefit by avoiding milk or diary products, and okra should be ok with colitis

A sentence with the word contagious?

you should always be contagious

How would someone exposed to asbestosis apply for asbestosis compensation?

People who have been exposed to asbestosis should contact a Medicare Regional Office. If the person was exposed at work they should contact their state workers compensation board.

What foods should be avoided if a person does have colitis?

If a person has colitis they should avoid foods high in fat and grease. TThose food can cause stomach problems. Heavy creams and large amounts of diary can also cause colitis to worsen.

Is sepsis contagious?

Yes it can be depending on the type of sepsis. You should always wear gloves and a mask when you are handling someone with spesis or someone that recently went septic.

Are eggs ok to eat when you have colitis?

Eggs should not effect your colitis. You should follow your doctors advise about diet at all times but it would be unusual for eggs to exacerbate colitis. Eggs can even be part of a liquid diet for the nutritional value they contain.

What type of medical specialist should a sufferer of colitis see?

Colitis deals with the inflamation of the colon, therefore any doctor that specializes in bowels or digestive tract should work.

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