What should you do if you have been exposed to someone who has colitis and did not know it and now you find out that it is contagious?

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2007-11-18 03:25:33

Well, you have a couple of ways to go to cure this. The first

way is to post a question on a chatroom, but you tried that, and it

hasn't cured it. As a last resort, you could try going to a doctor.

I believe they have better things than leeches and hot cups for

curing things. Now, because you think I am poking fun at you

because you do not have medical coverage and thus think you can't

see a doctor, most towns have a clinic that charges on a sliding

scale based on what you can pay. If you can pay nothing you pay

nothing. These clinics are often affiliated with the local

hospital, so that might be a good place to start. MOst hospitals

are stocked with eager volunteers who know of these places. If all

else fails, of course, you go to the hospital. I suppose some are

totally for profit enterprises, but both our hospitals have big

plaques right in the lobby that say you have the right to be

treated regardless of whether you can pay or not. So be treated,

and get well. Good Luck Phil Colitis is not contagious. You have

nothing to worry about.

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