Colitis is inflammation of the colon or large intestine. It can have many different causes, including infection and diet. Patients may experience diarrhea and lower abdominal pain.

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Is ulcerative colitis contagious?

No you cannot catch ulcerative colitis. It's one of these things that you can be born with a tendency to develop. There is a slight genetic link but it only increases risk nothing is set in stone.

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Is colitis contagious to others?

So far there has been no evidence that it is contagious to others.


What are causes of white stool in humans?

Mucus may lighten the color of stool, but it will never turn it white.
You very likely have a liver blockage. A substance called urobilinogen gives stool its dark color. Urobilinogen is a product of bilirubin degradation. Bilirubin is a breakdown product of red blood cells, which is degraded in the liver. If stools are white or clay colored, you probably have a blockage.
Go to the doctor immediately!

The above user was only partially right there are several reasons one might get white stool.

Causes of White Bowel Movement
When less than normal or no bile is excreted from the liver into the bowel (cholestasis), excreted stool will be pale, clay, gray, or white. Someone can describe it as a lightcolor, but this is not bright yellow bowel movement, and also not mucus in the bowel movement that is jelly-like and translucent. Main causes of white bowel movement are:
  • Obstruction of the biliary duct (due to gallstones, inflammation, fibrosis, cancer, pressure from outside (pancreatic cancer or cyst, abdominal tumor like fibroma) - appears with cramping pains in the right upper abdomen
  • Obstruction of outflow of the bile from the liver due to liver disease (viral hepatitis, fatty liver, alcohol liver disease, cirrhosis, hemochromatosis, or rarely tuberculosis, spread of cancer into the liver (liver metastases) - may appear with fullness or pain in upper right abdomen, jaundice, nausea, or vomiting
White Diarrhea
Above reasons (obstruction of bile flow), or lack of pancreatic enzyme lipase that digests fats prevents fat absorption in the small intestine. Unabsorbed fats will reach the colon and irritate it thus causing diarrhea. Loose, white, sticky, greasy, foamy, floating, smelly stool appearing several hours after a fatty meal is called steatorrhea. Main causes of white diarrhea are:
  • Acute or chronic pancreatitis (low appetite, pain in middle or left upper abdomen, nausea)
  • Pancreatic cancer (low appetite, loosing weight)
  • Liver or biliary duct disease
  • Severe inflammation of small intestine (Crohn's disease, celiac disease, tuberculosis, severe food poisoning)
  • Candida overgrowth in large intestine (in persons with lowered immunity, like in AIDS or after chemotherapy)
Other Causes of White Stool
White stool may appear after:
  • Barium enema
  • Antacids
White Specs in the Stool…
..may represent:
  • undigested food like rice or seeds
  • unabsorbed drugs
  • parasite eggs
  • clumps of fungi (Candida albicans) in heavy disease like AIDS, or in immunosuppression from chemotherapy or radiation therapy…
Stool fat test may reveal fats in the stool.
Blood tests:
  • White blood cells are elevated in pancreatitis, bowel inflammation
  • Pancreatic enzymes (lipase) in the blood may be elevated (pancreatic disease)
  • Liver enzymes in the blood may be elevated (liver, biliary duct disease)

Ultrasound of abdomen may reveal gallstones in gallbladder, or rarely in biliary duct, swollen pancreas (in pancreatitis, pancreatic cancer or cyst), or abdominal tumor. Treatment
Original disease has to be treated.
In white diarrhea low-fat diet has to be introduced.

Colitis is it contagious?

Most types of colitis are not contagious. Many researchers believe that infectious colitis is contagious.


What GI organ does ulcerative colitis affect?

UC affects the colon, primarily.


Will oil of oregano help ulcerative colitis?

I've had colitis for 3 years now trying almost everything imagingable... Oregano seems to reduce the inflammation thus allowing me to lower my dosage. It's definetely not a cure.

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Is pseudomembranous colitis contagious?

a family member was diagnosed with this illness. the gi dr. stated that this was contagious via fecal and/or oral route can taking only one round of antibiotics cause you to have pseudomembranous colitis


Where can you buy Epsom salt in Mississauga Ontario?

Epsom salt is available in Bulk Barn - Square One or Erin Mills or Dixie Mall


What anaerobic bacteria found in stool specimens is the etiological agent pseudomembranous colitis?

Clostridium difficile


What are the symptoms of colitis?


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Is colitis contagious?

In medicine, colitis refers to an inflammation of the colon and is often used to describe an inflammation of the large intestine.

Colitides may be acute and self-limited or chronic, i.e. persistent, and broadly fit into the category of digestive diseases.

Surgery and Hospitalization

If you have a tear in your colon how soon should you have surgery?

ASAP. the fluids from the colon are spilling out onto your other organs.


What is colitis?

Colitis is a medical condition that causes complications with the large intestine.


Does ulcerative colitis result in cancer?

Probability is low that ulcerative colitis results in cancer.


Is there a bowel movement catheters?

No, if you are incontinent of stool, you get diapers. If you have a colostomy or jejunostomy, you have a collection bag that adheres to your body to collect feces.

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Can herpes cause ulcerative colitis?

Herpes does not cause ulcerative colitis.


Does doxycycline cause colitis?

Doxycycline will not cause colitis.


Do people gain weight back after they lose it from ulcerative colitis?

I have that condition but I never actually lost weight. I did gain weight from a steroid my doctors put me on, which I eventually lost most of. But most any time someone loses any significant amount of weight over a short period of time your body is likely to gain it back along with a few additional pounds.


Is there an organization that can help with financial aid for an uninsured California young adult diagnosed with ulcerative colitis?

UC support group online: ALSO SEE: "Know Your Rights: A Handbook for Patients with Chronic Illness"


What is the prognosis for ulcerative colitis?

The rate of remission of ulcerative colitis (after a first attack) is nearly 90%. Those individuals whose colitis is confined primarily to the left side of the large intestine have the best prognosis.


Can ulcerative colitis cause death?

The technically correct answer is Yes, this being death from complications of surgery to remove the colon, which sometimes becomes necessary in cases refractive to drug treatment. If, say, 20% of UC cases are ultimately refractive to treatment and the death rate from the surgery is 5%, that means the death rate from UC is 1%. So at the time of initial diagnosis chances are about 99% you will ultimately die of something else.

I actually suffer from the disease, and have done for about 15 years untreated. Now i would say these days, it's highly unlikely that you would die from Colitis. If you have regular bowel exams, say every 2 years, to check for signs of pre-cancerous changes, you should be able to live a pretty normal life. there are many treatments available to control colitis, many different diets to try. In fact the risk of cancer i think is increased 5 fold if you have the disease, which in the big scheme of things is not that high. I read somewhere that actually 95% of people with colitis do no develop cancer. Keep a positive attitude towards life and don't let the disease control you.

I was diagnosed in 04' with ulcerative colits after about 8 months of misdiagnosis. By the time I was correctly diagnosed I had to be hospitalized because my white blood cells were ten times what they were supposed to be and so high that even cancer patients have lower white cells than I did at the time. I almost died from this disease. I had been given so many different types of treatment from steroids all the way to remission medicine they give people with cancer. nothing would help I was wasting away. I was in the hospital for almost a month when the gastro doc finally consulted with a surgeon and he told me my only option was a total colectomy or I wouldn't last another week. That night they did surgery and removed my entire large intestines. I had a iliostomy bag for 6 months until they did the J pouch surgery.


What are the symptoms of Ulcerative colitis?

Diarrhoea (sometimes up to 20+ times a day), presence of blood in stools, stomach discomfort/cramping sensations (which can become significantly worse when certain foods are eaten), anemia (pale skin), and exhaustion are the main symptoms.


Ulcerative colitis and nausea?

It can definitely be a symptom.


Can ulcerative colitis cause pernicious anemia?

No. They are not related.


Where is the Gastric Antrum?

it is the lower part of the stomach.


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