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Chart you bbt and cervical mucus for a few months then contact your OB to set up an appointment to talk to them about it! =============== You may be doing it at the wrong time. It is difficult to tell when you are ovulating. So have sex every three days until two days before your AF is due. If no luck for more than three months see a doctor.

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2006-07-14 15:06:47
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Q: What should you do if you have been trying to get pregnant but no luck so far?
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Is it difficult to fall pregnant if you are boold groUp b?

no. It should be the same as any other. Good luck if your trying :)

How you tell your husband im not pregnant?

Just tell him your not, and keep trying until you are =) good luck

What should you do if you are eight weeks pregnant and have been spotting for a week with cramps?

You need to see an OBGYN. Good luck and God Bless:)

How long should you wait after gardasil vaccine before trying to get pregnant?

My doctor said that you should wait 6 months after finishing all the treatment ( 3 shots), and are not supposed to get pregnant in between them. For example, if you receive the first shot in January 2008, then you get the second in March 2008, and the third one in July 2008... and by January 2009 you can start trying to get pregnant. Good Luck!

What if your guppy been pregnant for 25days?

It should give birth soon, make sure you have lots of plants for the babies to hide in and good luck!

I am 19 and have been trying to get pregnant and no success What can I do?

it depends on how long you've been trying. On average it can take up to 18 months to get pregnant. if you've had no luck after 18 months you and your partner can seek medical help. There is also ovulation tests to buy so you make sure you have sex on the right day of the month. The fertile window each month is not big.

Can you still get pregnant even though you have abnormal bleeding?

Yes, if u have unprotected sex you will eventually get pregnant.. having abnormal periods can make it harder to get pregnant. try buying an ovulation test if your worked for me after mths of trying. Good luck and best wishes.

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There is no need to wait anytime, as this vaccine will not interfere with the whole making a baby process. Good Luck! Hope it happens quickly for you!

Do I need to lose weight to get pregnant because I have been trying for 6 months and am overweight?

No you don't I just had a baby and when I got pregnant I weighed 310 pounds.You can very wel get preganat the only thing is its a bit harder to get pregnant when you are heavy.It took me a very ong time to get pregnant.Good luck I hope it happens soon for you.

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You want to get pregnant and been trying for 5 months now and nothing?

Buy ovulation kits, to make sure your ovulating, have sex every other day while ovulating. If you still don't get pregnant , talk to a Dr. he/she might could help out or send you to a fertility Dr. Good Luck.

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