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you should see your doctor and get checked for crones disease

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Q: What should you do if you have very large bowel movements and it is causing you to bleed when you do go to the restroom?
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What do it mean if a women bleed after she use the restroom?

It means she is having her period.

Can coldness cause dog's toenails to bleed?

No! It just means that there toenails are to short and the ground is causing them to bleed!...... jesss

What does dark blood in cats mean?

Dark blood in a cat's stool means that he has a bleed somewhere. You should have him checked by your Vet to find out what is causing the blood.

What happens when you bleed for 3 months straight?

If you bleed for three months straight, it is a sign that something is wrong. Aside from whatever is causing it, you can develop a high white count and anemia from the blood loss. This condition should be checked out by a physician.

What are the effects of a bladder infection?

one the causes is that you wait too long to go to the restroom, not drinking enough water, and also too much caffine. one of the effects is that it you can't hold to go to restroom. also another effect is that you bleed when you pee. another thing is that it hurts or burns when you go to the restroom, or you just can't pee.

Does your belly button usually bleed after getting it pierced?

A professionally provided body piercing should not bleed except for ear cartilage piercing ( bleeding is almost always expected with ear cartilage due to the method used to piercer that tissue). But no your navel should not bleed after it has been pierced, if it is bleeding then you have either tugged the piercing causing a tear in it or the piercer has made a mistake in providing the service.

Can a guy cause a girl's period?

Is the guy inside your uterus causing you to bleed?

What is causing your female hamster to bleed from her vagina?

If she bleeds there after giving birth it is normal.

What happens to your teeth by flossing too much?

your gums bleed causing infection.

Why do you bleed in puberty?

By bleed I assume you mean start your period? This happens when your menstrual cycle begins producing eggs that need to be fertilized by sperm, when you have your period it slightly splits the lining of your vagina causing it to bleed.

Do spiders bleed?

I should think :D They have blood, after all, so should they get a cut, they would bleed.

Why do you bleed when you have bowel movements?

there are a number of reasons that may be the cause of this. and all of them can have serious consequences to your health or even life. If a person passes blood from the anus he/she should immediately see a doctor about it. If you bleed form the anus it's most likely a hemorrhoid. It's very common when pregnant.

Why does your mouth bleed when running?

Your mouth should not bleed while you are running. Check with your physician.

What is another word for phlebotomist?

Bloodletter or leech. Phlebotomy is the practice of intentionally causing someone to bleed.

Why do some women bleed during sex?

some women bleed during sex because when the penis goes in your vagina it breaks open the hyphen causing it to break with blood.

Should warts bleed?

No you have herpes :)

Why do girls bleed when they have intercourse for the first time?

not all girls bleed after their first time of intercourse, but most of the time the reason girls bleed is because of the penetration of the hymine (might have been mispelled) is located in the woman's vaginal walls/cavity. the wall is literally stressed and broke down, causing it to be bleed.

Do somas make you bleed more while being tattooed?

no you should not bleed more when you get a tatoo.

Do girls bleed when they have first time sex?

Some do, when the hymen breaks it can bleed. And sometimes if the man is too big and penetrates her too fast, it can tear the hymen wider causing the bleeding.

Should cats bleed two days after giving birth to kittens?

definitely not, a cat should only bleed a little while giving birth

How much should a female dog bleed while in heat?

She should bleed for about two weeks. The amount of blood depends on the breed, and the dog itself.

Should you bleed after cervical cauterization?

Cervical cauterization is a form of treatment for cervical erosion. Yes, you should expect to bleed a little after having this procedure.

How much should you bleed during your period?

it all depends on the woman, some are heavy, and some are light, theres really no answer to how much you should bleed

Where are bleed screws for heater pipes on 96 stratus?

Doesn't have any. The system should self bleed.

Should you bleed when down regulation buserelin?

Most people will get a bleed after a weelk or so taking buserelin.

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