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You can switch to another kind. You need to see your doctor or gynocologist and explain about the depression the pill has caused and be adament you want to try another contraceptive pill.

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Q: What should you do if you know your birth control is causing depression and can you switch to another kind or do you have to go off completely?
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What can you do to stop depression after stopping taking birth control?

Depression is complicated and you need a doctor's help for that.

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yes, its completely normal.....some women use birth control for this reason

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Yes it is completely safe and will not interfere with your birth control.

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Can birth control pills cause nausea dizzy spells and fatigue?

Yes, hormonal birth control has a major effect on the body as a whole so birth control pills can cause a wide range of symptoms - including nausea, fatigue, and dizzy spells. If you suspect your pill is causing these side-effects stop using the pill and talk to your doctor about finding another brand of pill, type of pill, or another birth control method.

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