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Make friends with them both and see which one is the better match or who likes you back.

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What should a junior girl do if she like a senior guy?

She has to be careful on the actions they do because there can be some where they are sweet and there could be some when they are perverts. So, be careful junior girls make sure they don't make you feel pressured, uncomfortable, or unwanted.

Can a girl be a Junior Girl Scout?

Yes, a girl can become a Girl Scout Junior. For Girl Scouts of the USA, to be a Girl Scout Junior, a girl must be in either grade 4 or grade 5 in school. pay the national membership dues, and agree to follow the Girl Scout Promise and the Girl Scout Law. For Girl Scouts of Japan, a Junior Girl Scout is ages 9 to 11. For Girl Scouts of the Philippines, a Junior Girl Scout is ages 10 to 12, For Girl Scouts of Jamaica, Junior Girl Scouts are ages 10 to 16 or grades 7 to 10.

What shoulder does the Girl Scout Junior sash hang from?

The shoulder seam of the Girl Scout Junior sash should be on the girl's right shoulder.

What do you do when a 7th grade boy wants to kiss a sixth grade girl?

that's inappropriate especially at that age if it were a senior and a junior or a sophomore and a freshman it would be different but in grade school dating should stay in the same grade but in my opinion 6th grade is too young for kissing

What should a girl get to do when shes twelve?

She doesn't really get to do much. Sometimes she goes into Junior High School, but that's about it. She must be older to do more things.

What are the different levels in Girl Scouts?

There are many different Girl Scout (and Girl Guide) organizations around the world. The levels are also varied, from two levels for Girl Guides in Australia (Australian Guide Program and Olave Program), to 6 levels for Girl Scouts of the USA. For Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA) there are 6 levels plus adult members: Daisy, Brownie, Junior, Cadette, Senior, and Ambassador. Girl Scouts of Japan have 6 levels (age groups) plus adult members: Ranger Girl Scout, Senior Girl Scout, Junior Girl Scout, Brownie Girl Scout, and Tenderfoot Girl Scout. Girl Scouts of the Philippines have 5 levels plus adult members: Cadet Scout, Senior Scout, Junior Scout, Star Scout, and Twinkler Scout.

What are some predictions for junior high school red scarf girl book?

Some predictions for this book is a girl named ji li graduating high school

What was the name of the assistant in The Devil Wears Prada?

You mean, the redheaded senior assistant? The main character -- Andrea -- was the junior assistant, and the redheaded girl was the senior assistant? The character's name is Emily Chalton, and she is played by Emily Blunt.

You fancy a girl at school what should you do?

If you fancy a girl at school you should be nice to her. You could ask her to spend time with you.

Who is a Junior Girl Scout?

For Girl Scouts of the USA, a Girl Scout Junior is a female member in grade 4 or 5. For Girl Scouts of Japan, a Junior Girl Scout is a female member ages 9 to 11. For Girl Scouts of the Philippines, a Junior Girl Scout is ages 10 to 12, For Girl Scouts of Jamaica, Junior Girl Scouts are ages 10 to 16 or grades 7 to 10.

Where can you download junior librarian?

go to the libary (if you have one at your school) or if not come to oxford gardens primary school and if you ask the office for a girl named Rochelle they will tell you where she is. Rochelle id the one that you can get junior librarian off

What does a girl mean when they say they wanted to wait till middle school What?

It means she wants to wait until junior high or middle school to have sexual intercourse or "sex".She feels as if shes not ready yet and you should respect her opinion.

How long should a high school junior girl date a high school freshman boy?

As long as u want hes/shes yours keep it that way, if u love them then do what u want with them.😄 good luck

How do you describe the setting of the book the girls by Amy goldman koss?

It's a brutal junior high school environment full of girl-on-girl bullying.

Is it wrong for a high school junior girl?

Well i think ya forgot to finish the rest of the question there honey

Can senior poodles get pregnant?

It's possible but you should do everything you can to avoid a senior poodle being pregnant. The birth could kill a old girl.

How can a junior boy tell if a senior girl likes him?

senior girl are not scared to show who they like. if she likes you she will come up to you at your locker an smack you it's a sign that she wants to be noticed treasure this in you heart forever. it's the only time an older woman will ever even glance at you, so don't get used to it

How do you ask a senior girl to the prom if im a freshman she doesnt know?

If she doesn't know you, then that will be slightly awkward and weird. If she was already asked to prom then that would be kinda awkward telling you that And why would you take a senior girl to prom when you're a freshman and she doesn't know you? I think you should just wait 3 more years and then go to prom when your a SENIOR with a SENIOR girl

Are you a Cadette after a Junior in Girl Scouts?

Yes, the levels of Girl scouts starting with the youngest are: Daisies (grades K-1) Brownies (grades 2-3) Juniors (grades 4-5) Cadette (grades 6-8) Senior (grades 9-10) Ambassadors (grades 11-12) After you are a Girl Scout Junior, you are a Girl Scout Cadette. Girl Scout Cadettes are grades 6, 7, or 8.

Do junior golfers hit from red tees?

no, not unless your a junior girl

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