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Move on. This person obviously doesn't like you back and you are making him/her uncomfortable

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Q: What should you do if you love someone but they are ignoring you?
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You love a girl who is married.sometimes she is caught between her family and you and then she starts ignoring you what should you do?

Possibly she is not interested in you as you are in her. If she is married, you should think about directing your attentions toward someone who is available instead.

Should you break up with the man you love because he wont spend time with you?

it depends on why he is ignoring you

What should you say if you love someone?

I love you?

What should you tell someone you love?

I Love You

Why is he ignoring me?

Okay, so first of all if he is ignoring you, you're too good for him. Find someone who wont ignore you! You deserve better and should expect better for yourself.

What should you do if you tell someone you love them and they in response tell you thank you?

You should look for someone else to love.

If i love someone and he doesn't love me so what should i do?

find someone that loves you......

Other words to mean intentionally ignoring?

Snubbing is intentionally ignoring someone in a social setting.

Why is the boy that you love that you know loves you too is completely ignoring you?

love works that way- he might blush if someone finds out he loves you, He is ignoring you because he might not want anyone to find out. here is a tip - talk to him privately and maybe he will be happy to talk to you GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!

How do you find out if someone you love love's you?

you should know when they are talking to you.

What should be learned from loving?

you should learn that when you love someone, you have to wait for them to love you back.

You are in love with someone who is now in love with someone else how do you get over him?

You should find another lover.

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