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What should you do if you receive a message stating the following file is missing or corrupt windows system32 config system?


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You need to repair or reinstall the operating system. Also it depends on file which is missing. Some are files are not important as others. Missing system files might indicate that you have a virus/trojan/malware on your computer.

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Mine has suddenly started doing this too. A required Microsoft Windows system directory, the Windows System32 directory is often located in either C:\Windows\System32 or C:\Winnt\system32. Often many Microsoft Windows error messages will contain the system32 directory because many of the system files Windows uses to run are stored in this directory. By itself the System32 directory will not cause any errors unless it is missing of course. If you are getting an error with a file in the System32 directory search for that file. No error message, it just pops up and has to be 'closed'

You would not be able to boot your PC, or the PC would boot on a drive other than expected. Or you might get the BIOS message that the operating system is missing.

NTLDR is a boot up (software) problem the file may be corrupt or you may be booting from the wrong disc. Check out the web page at below there is extensive information on troubleshooting for this problem.

The boot record will not boot anymore or more precisely the message "NTLDR is missing" will be displayed. To remedy this situation boot with a copy of windows and use the "Recovery Console" in the boot menu and at the command prompt type the following: fixmbr and hit enter. Although there is a risk, there isin't much else you can do.

In my case Autoexec.nt was missing from the C:\WINNT\System32 directory. Looking in the C:\WINNT\Repair directory I found that Windows had automatically made a backup copy of Autoexec.nt, so I just copied this into C:\WINNT\System32 and the problem was fixed.

I think you mean C:/WINDOWS/System32/mtsalvp.dll The directory C:/WINDOWS contains the operating system files, and System32 is an especially dangerous folder to mess with. If this file is missing or damaged, you can fix it by using your original Windows install disks. They would have come with your computer. If this isn't your problem, add some more information below my answer and I'll try to help more.

Corrupt or missing driver or failing hardware.

It means that a file is either missing or corrupt. You can try to reinstal the program and try again.

it means that you have a corrupt registry and you need to reprogram your unit. I am sorry but this is the only way to fix this kind of problem Dustin Atrat MSIT,

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Put your windows disk in the CD drive and the system should boot from the CD drive. Or from the dos command line enter the following command say your CD drive is "d" and your hard drive is "c". expand d:\i386\command.nt_ c:\windows\system32\command.ntfor windows xp or ntexpand d:\i386\command.co_ c:\windows\system32\ for rest of windows ver.

go to and you can download your missing file after searching for it on the web site then from where ever you saved it to copy then paste the file under WINDOWS>system32 directory in your hard drive (go to my computer and click on local disc) then run the program and then it should work perfect

The initial self-test will fail to load.

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Unfortunately you will have to decide now.

Stop error (BSOD) that occurs during startup. A stop error can be caused by a corrupted registry, a system file that is missing or damaged, a device driver that is missing or damaged, bad memory, or a corrupted or failing hard drive. Use the Microsoft web site to research the exact error message and error code. Use the Startup Repair tool and then examine the log file it creates at C:\Windows\System32\LogFiles\Srt\Srttrail.txt.

You need to clean your registry of missing or corrupt DLL entries. Its explained here in more detail:

the probable culprit is that the audio drivers are either corrupt or missing. if missing go to the laptop manufacturer's website and look there if not try a google search or even chack out Good Luck

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