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Sorry, but you have a fairly big job ahead of you. You are going to have to sand (use fine grit sandpaper) and be sure you get both stains completely off. You can also go to your hardware store and ask if they have an solution to your problem. Good luck! MY 2 cents --- Before you start stripping all the finish off lets figure out what the white streaks and spots are from. If you have used a satin or flat finish poly on the cabinets without first applying a sealer coat the white streaks may be from the flatting agent in the polyurethane. If this is the case it can be fixed without stripping. To find out do a spot test by applying a gloss polyurethane over white streaks, if the white goes away the white spots and streaks are from the flattener in the poly you applied. Solution is to light sand cabs, apply a coat of gloss to the cabinets and let dry. The white streaks and spots should now be gone. Next light sand the cabinets and apply the satin or flat poly you used the first time and this time you will not have the white strips and spots. ___________

You just got some serious great advice. One thing you should check first though...make sure your poly and stains are compatible.

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Q: What should you do if you restained your bathroom cabinets without removing the old stain and they looked great but now that you have put on polyurethane they look very bad with white strips and spots?
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