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This is a dilemma many Moms face. First, seriously consider if you really need that car. Could you get by without it? If so, sell the car and you won't need to make payments or pay insurance. If you really need the car, you'll have to find a way to earn $500 per month, plus childcare. Taxes on only $6,000 per year should be fairly low. Many women in this situation provide child care for one or two children, the same age as their own, in their home. You'll be home with your daughter all day, and helping out other Moms, too. In most states, you don't need a day care license to care for one or two kids. Other Moms work 16 to 24 hours per week to earn the cash they need. Check your paper or an online job board under part-time jobs, and you'll find everything from bookkeeper to restaurants to receptionist. If you're able to work a shift when a family member can care for your daughter, you won't have childcare expenses. Some people pick up extra cash by selling items on eBay. Your local library will have several books about it. Specialize in one category, and be consistant about your efforts. Avoid work at home scams. If you have specialized skills like computer programming, or are a freelance writer, you may be able to work from home. But, most other work from home plans are rip-offs.

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Q: What should you do if you want to stay home with your child but need to work because you have a car payment and insurance?
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What does payment plan 2912 mean on child support order?

It refers to Health Insurance premiums.

When your child turns 18 do you continue their life insurance policy?

If your question supposes that you purchased life insurance for the child before he/she reached 18, you are free to continue it or not. It may well be a good idea to continue it because a medical condition may develop later in life that makes it hard or impossible for the child to later get life insurance. Naturally, you can reach an agreement with the child that he/she take over the payment of the premiums.

Can child support be deducted from social security disability insurance?

Only arrears. Child Support payments should be adjusted to match what amount already being paid the residential parent by SSD, which is not deducted from the main payment.

How long should you carry insurance to protect your children?

You should carry insurance on your children until they are old enough to get insurance on their own. This is usually when your child graduates college. As long as your child is a full-time student and one of your dependents, then you should be able to carry insurance on them.

Can someone else pay child support payments in Texas?

A volunteer can pay your child support payments for you but you should make certain you still have proof of payment.A volunteer can pay your child support payments for you but you should make certain you still have proof of payment.A volunteer can pay your child support payments for you but you should make certain you still have proof of payment.A volunteer can pay your child support payments for you but you should make certain you still have proof of payment.

If your child moved out of the house at 18 why can't you take him off your auto insurance?

If you can show your insurance co. that your child lives on their own AND has their own car insurance, you should be able to get your child OFF of your policy

Why is it considered a bad idea to get life insurance for a child?

It is considered a bad idea for a child to get life insurance because insurance policies are paid continuously. Compared to a child, whose life expectancy is longer, adults will get more from life insurance policies because they are more like to die soon.

What should you do if the noncustodial parent is not providing health insurance in Texas?

The noncustodial parent is only responsible for any child support payment. It is the responsibility of the custodial parent to organise the child's life, including any necessary insurance cover. Basically, you didn't want them having any say in the child's life, so you cannot expect them to simply do everything for nothing.

If a father has medical insurance can he add the child so he can lower his support payments?

Yes, but he should get the order modified to reflect this. But, this depends on state laws. In Missouri, he's required to carry the insurance, on top of his payment, so it would not affect it.

How much is a child support payment?

The amount depends on many factors such as your income, your ability to pay, the age of the child, the income of the custodial parent, offsets if you pay for health insurance and state child support guidelines. You should inquire at your local family court department for a copy of the state guidelines.

How can you get your teenage child removed from your auto policy if they are not driving any automobiles?

Usually, an insurance carrier would refuse to remove a teenage driver if they are a resident of your household. Because they are minors and have access to your car keys, there is an "implied" permission. The insurance carrier is at risk of paying in behalf of the minor. Therefore, they are enttiled to auto insurance premium payment.

I am 4 months pregnant an i haven't been to the doctor because i dont have insurance what should i do?

go to your local social security office and file for medicare or in some places medicad this is insuravce that will help you and your child and if you qualify your child will remain under the insurance for several years.

Lost a child due to an accident life insurance paid out 25000 and IRS taxed your 10 why?

I am sorry for your loss. It would seem the IRS made a mistake as this shouldn't be taxable.....however, if they (actually the Insurance Co) "withheld" that from payment, likely because of a missing form or such....then it is actually at the IRS in an account...that when reflected on your return...(both the income as exempt and the credit for the payment withheld), should see your money refunded. But contact the IRS - by phone - and get an exact excplanation. Do not accept that it is taxable.

Can you stop paying child support because you are unable to work because of an illness?

No. You can go to court and see about having the payment amount reduced but you still have to pay child support because your child still needs to eat.

Will insurance allow you to put your independent child's vehicle on your policy?

Insurance should. I would check with your information to see if your company can.

Is policy holder health insurance automatic guarantor of step child?

In medical insurance, the policy holder of the policy is not automatically the guarantor of a step child. To become the guarantor of the child a formal adoption should have taken place, or the child can be added to the policy.

Is payment for medical insurance included in child support or is it separate?

That's dependent on the state guidelines. Most states share the cost between the parents.

Can you keep the health insurance you get from your parents if you get married?

It depends on the insurance company, but I personally have never known of a company that would allow a parent to continue to carry insurance on a child after that child married, because at that point, you are no longer a 'dependant' of your parents.

What can a parent do to get the best rates of life insurance to protect their child's future?

If you're looking to protect a child's quality of life should a parent die, look into term life insurance with the term expiring when the child grows up.

Can a child's dependent social security payment be used as child support payment?

If the child's RSDI benefit is based on the obligor's SSA account, it is considered child support. If that benefit exceeds the amount ordered for child support, the obligor does not owe any additional payment.

How much child life insurance should I have on my children?

This should depend largely on the age of your children. If they are of young age, they are relatively safe and only minimum life insurance is required. If they are at work age, insurance should be proportionally larger, around $2000 could give you a good life insurance.

Who pays auto insurance on a teen driver in a two household-divorced family?

The party responsible for the automotive insurance payment for a child of a divorced couple is dependent upon their individual situation. Most divorced couples with children usually split any cost associated with the child meaning, that each parent would pay half of the cost of the insurance.

What is the minimum child support payment required per child?


Does your 1st child support payment go down if you remarry and have a 2nd child?

A child support payment can possibly go down if a household size increases. Changes in income are the most likely reason a child support payment will go down.

How much should child insurance for child?

It depends on what you want your child to become. If you want the child to have a professional education like engineering or doctor your insurance amount would run in lakhs. Try to save up a decent sum for your child through insurance so that he/she can concentrate on studies instead of sustaining themselves. Ex: 10 lakhs or more should be good enough for one child to finish education at the current cost of living.